Virgin Black (as seen by PowerWyrm)

Artist Virgin Black
Country Australia
User PowerWyrm
9.2 x4
Orchestral Retro Prog Post Doom Metal/Classical
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Review by PowerWyrm 11 years ago <Permalink>
Virgin Black - Requiem - Fortissimo 2008
Retro Prog-Related Death Metal
A disappointing release...

I was expecting a heavier "Mezzo Forte" with a mix of operatic music and doom metal... but this is simply "Mezzo Forte" with growled vocals and almost no classical moments. The band takes the melodies from the previous album and revamps them in an early My Dying Bride/Paradise Lost way. The vocals are 100% harsh (at least the male vocals)... and if you don't like growling you certainly won't like this album at all, even if this type of vocals is here perfectly performed and enjoyable, due to the use of no screams at all (it's more like a low rumble). Still remains a good moment: the last three songs...
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Review by PowerWyrm 11 years ago <Permalink>
Virgin Black - Requiem - Mezzo Forte 2007
Orchestral Prog Post Doom Metal/Classical
This is the most mature and balanced work from this great australian band... Imagine a mix of doom metal (in the vein of Cryptal Darkness, another australian band) and classical music, with orchestral parts that would make Therion and other symphonic metal bands look like amateurs. Previous efforts were not bad, but they lacked the quality of a real orchestra, well produced vocals and music...
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