Veil Of Maya Eclipse

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Artist Veil Of MayaListen
Year 2012
Release Date
28. Feb 2012
Studio Album
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Added by Time_Signature 7 years ago
7.5 x1
Technical Prog Death Metal
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Review by Time_Signature 7 years ago <Permalink>
Technical Prog Death Metal
I hope I will be forgiven for my initial disappointment with this album. I know, it's my own fault, but a band with a name like Veil of Maya - the accidental namesake of one of Cynic's most legendary songs - automatically led me to expect jazzed up progressive death metal. Those expectations were not met, as I was met with technical deathcore with a touch of djent instead, and the inevitable feeling of disappointment kicked in.

However, having shaken off the initial disappointment and having given the album several more spins, I of course ended up appreciating the album, because it is actually quite good. Placed somewhere between deathcore and technical death metal, Eclipse features music which is both technically advanced and also quite brutal. Taking the listener through a maze of blasbeats, djent-ish grooves, metalcore breakdowns of the more interesting kind, and bursts of advanced guitar complexities, Veil of Maya definitely challenges the listener who likes technical brutal music while at the same time appealing to those who prefer the br00tality of deathcore. To me, this is a positive experience - for some reason only very few of the bands that are labeled deathcore bands appeal to me, so I really appreciate it when I stumble upon a release associated ... -> show full review