Totsuzen Danball Can I? (Naritatsukana?)

Info about Totsuzen Danball - Can I? (Naritatsukana?)
Artist Totsuzen Danball
Year 1981
Studio Album
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Added by DamoXt7942 10 years ago
Importance Major release
7.0 x1
Minimalistic Prog Rock
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Review by DamoXt7942 10 years ago <Permalink>
Minimalistic Prog Rock
Absolutely minimal change of rock music by TOTSUZEN DANBALL ( TOTSUDAN familiarly I call them).

Suddenly, yes suddenly fascinated by loose and lazy voices and a percussive guitar. The lyrics I cannot understand in detail...really Eiichi's voice itself can be thought as a 'colourless' instrument. What an extremely minimal psychedelia - the first track Sentaku To Hairetsu (The choise and the arrangement of the symbols) can be fit for this expression. Sticky and persistent repetitions by simple guitar and voice sounds, and some vacant intervals suddenly popping up, both are remarkably important for this song. And, though overestimated, this track might determine where TOTSUDAN should go.

Another side of their approach we can definitely find is the next track, a cover of The Girl From Ipanema . First please listen, and we'll feel it very impressive that such a typical Latino bossa nova can transform itself into an unpolished and uncategorized psychedelic bubblegum-rock. Unavoidable for us to say what a slow-down or an asthenic the middle part is hahaha. That's it, should they reject themselves categorized in spite of themselves? Or simply did they do what they wanted to do in this work? ...God (and the late Eiichi) only know.

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