Time Collapse Night To Day

Info about Time Collapse - Night To Day
Artist Time Collapse
Year 2017
Release Date
18. Mar 2017
Studio Album
Play Time 38:09
Added by DamoXt7942 2 years ago
Importance Major release
7.7 x4
Heavy Prog Rock
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Review by DamoXt7942 2 years ago <Permalink>
Heavy Prog Rock
Another brilliant sunrise in the spring of 2017. A Greek rock outfit TIME COLLAPSE have got started as a promising heavy / experimental quintet, and finally their full-length debut shot "Night To Day" veiled in a beautiful, mysterious sleeve in March, 2017. They say (both in their own bio and upon their Bandcamp page) they are a crossover / metal progressive rock band but sound not of crossover nor of metal for me. Through their debut creation, I guess it should be more natural they are called as a heavy rock project seasoned with metallic taste and slight pop spice. It might be apparent that they would have got massively influenced by 70s Rush or King Crimson.

Their playing technique is quite qualified, and composition and production are well elaborated. Kinda vibration between calmness and loudness is balanced, and their melodic view is filled with cool tightness, deep heaviness, and mystic ethnicity ... sounds inspired by modern Myth. And don't forget their soundgarden itself is leaning towards 70s heavy prog tinged with pop essence eventually. What an amazing manner they invited catchy flavour whilst composing such a deeply heavy opus. Battles of instruments (guitars and keyboards) in the front line supported with the strict rhythm section (especially in Messiah Complex Suite) are excellent although there is not so dramatic nor theatrical atmosphere. We can believe they will create / produce in more and more enthusiastic manner in future yes.

P. S. Their Bandcamp page is timecollapseofficial.bandcamp.com/
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