The Rome Pro(G)ject Of Fate and Glory

Info about The Rome Pro(G)ject - Of Fate and Glory
Artist The Rome Pro(G)ject
Year 2016
Release Date
21. Apr 2016
Studio Album
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Added by DAVAST 3 years ago
Importance Key album
9.1 x2
Instrumental Retro Prog Rock
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Comment by O666 3 years ago
Instrumental Retro Prog Rock
Generally, I don't like Instrumental Albums (I mean instrumental from first song to last song ) but this album is different.
This album have most of my "Fave" musical elements like : Structure of songs , Instruments Playing technique , Arrangement , Composing , Sound of instruments and another musical stuffs that push me to Love "Progressive Rock" music !
And there are too many "Specific Parts" from my FAVE bands and artists like E.L.P, Camel, Genesis , Yes , PFM ...etc in this Amazing album. Retro but Modern music! Listened but New! This is my opinion about it!
I recommend this "Brilliant Album" to Progressive Rock fans specially to Symphonic Prog fans. 9.2/10 rate IMO. Don't miss it!!!
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