The Flower Kings The Sum of No Evil 2007 Review by zitro

Another stroke of genius. Vastly different from their darker and highly melodic Paradox Hotel and a nod to the jazz of Space Revolver, the happiness of Stardust we are, and the positive melody-writing of Adam and Eve. This album completely kicks out their tendencies to make an album-flow with short songs, intermissions and interludes. Instead, this is just a a set of long songs that stand on their own. Also, most of the acoustic delicacy and mainstream qualities and completely gone, which is both a positive and negative thing: it depends on your musical tastes. If you tend to enjoy more the easier-digested neo-prog and classic rock (not necessarily prog), this might be bad news. This album is very bombastic and has a big big sound and really does give you any breaks to catch your breath. It's constantly bombarding you with intense music, whether happy or dark. Oh yea, this album is most of the time extremely positive, so if you're into the depressing tone of Pink Floyd, and Porcupine tree, the sugary flower-power, peace-love for all tone in most of the disc might turn you off. Also, another warning is the inaccessible notion of "The Sum of No Evil"; it is very complex and sometimes choppy, which actually made me conclude that this was by far their worst effort in the first three listens. This album contains some of the best moments of the Flower Kings which unfortunately may not always gel together or are consistently on the same lever to create a masterpiece like Space Revolver, and suffer from some bad lyrics.
One More Time 13:04
Sing-along choruses, very happy, and extremely melodic classical rock tune
Love Is the Only Answer 24:28
Many fantastic moments, but a bit incoherent during the middle and a climax that is not powerful enough
Trading My Soul 6:25
Dark melancholic power ballad rich in texture
The Sum of No Reason 13:25
Some fantastic parts, a few not so good parts, but overall great
Flight 999 Brimstone Air 5:00
Quirky Instrumental with funny synths and free-style jaw dropping drum solo
Life in Motion 12:33
Some annoying vocal melodies in the first half saved by a very powerful finale full of emotion and pure happiness.
Comment by J-Man 10 years ago
Symphonic Prog Rock
Quite possibly my favorite Flower Kings album! Every song is great, and this is one of my favorite albums ever!
Comment by Mike 12 years ago
Symphonic Retro Prog Rock
A solid album, but it's really just "more of the same". It's not progressive in the literal sense ... and I can't find any highlights.