Thank You Scientist Stranger Heads Prevail 2016 Review by O666

Eclectic Technical Prog Rock
"Thank You Scientist" released their new album after 4 years from their first album. (IMO) The album better and stronger than their first album, which is a sign of progress and maturity of the band's members in last 4 years.
I believe they have their step in the new era of their music that is much more serious and more complex. They Using Brass instruments and violins in their music perfectly and they do this better and more creative than their first album.
(IMO) this album genre is closest to "Eclectic Prog" than "Crossover Prog". Jazzy parts , Technical instrumental parts, Math Rock parts and another "Full-Prog" genres parts with creative combination of them and put them in the best places of songs, show me that they Crossed over "Crossover Prog" clearly.
Don't miss it ;) .
8.6/10 rate IMO