Spock's Beard Octane 2005 Review by Mike

Technical Prog-Related Rock
I really like this album. Spock's Beard really found their
footing with this album, on the previous one (Feel Euphoria)
they seemed a little bit unsure to me, partly trying new stuff
and emulating Neal's songwriting. On this album they are
confidently moving away from 70s prog rock, towards a modern
rock style that hasn't got "prog" written all over it. But he
old quirkyness is still there, in small doses. What really
counts is good songwriting, self confidence and
credibility, and they certainly have all that.
The Ballet of the Impact 5:34
I Wouldn't Let it Go 4:53
Surfing Down the Avalanche 3:43
She Is Everything: Strange What You Remember/Words of Forever 6:46
I love the melody of this song. It kind of reminds me of Revelation from V. And it's no coincidence, considering that Revelation was the only track on V which wasn't written by Morse, if I remember correctly.
Climbing Up That Hill 3:31
Letting Go 1:52
Of the Beauty of It All: If I Could Paint a Picture/Into the Great ... 4:53
NWC 4:16
There Was a Time 4:58
The Planet's Hum 4:42
Who would have thought that - Gentle Giant are still an influence for Spock's Beard. From a progressive standpoint this is one of the best tracks on the album.
Watching the Tide 5:07
What a change - after the previous very progressive track this one really reminds me of the Eagles.
As Long as We Ride 5:35
A nice rock song - a good album closer and I really works well on stage. And I love the 30 quirky seconds in the middle!
Comment by J-Man 10 years ago
Prog-Related Rock
This is a pop/rock album first, but it sure is a good one. There are a few passable track, but as a whole this is a very solid album, with a few memorable moments. I recommend this people who want the more accessible side of Spock's Beard.