Satinoxide Still the Sun

Info about Satinoxide - Still the Sun
Artist Satinoxide
Year 2011
Studio Album
Play Time 37:56
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8.0 x1
Prog Metal
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Prog Metal
Satinoxide is a progressive metal act, and "Still the Sun" is a progressive metal release. However, we are not dealing with hyper technical and self-indulgent progressive metal. Neither are we dealing with ├╝ber complex and epic progressive metal. No, we are dealing with genre-transcending progressive metal, which experiments with combinations of sounds from within and outside of the world of metal.

There is a bit of power metal and a bit of traditoinal metal, and there is some hard rock and AOR, and also a slight symphonic feel now an then. Satinoxide also draw on extreme metal, and you can expect to encounter blastbeats and growled vocals in addition to the clean male and female vocals and more melodic metal elements. There is an overall gothic feel to the entire album, too, which may be ascribed to the melancholic piano figures that are more or less ubiquitous.

There are also elements from outside of ... -> show full review
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