Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet 2007 Review by rahmaninov

Prog Rock
It's a great dream, this whole album...you get to be somewhere else, far away from this life and at the same time never closer...that's art...This album is my first contact with Porcupine Tree. I think, for now, that they are one of the few REAL artists of our time, a time when art is increasingly becoming an industry / commerce. We really need this kind of authentic art to resist this depersonalizing system / way of living...
Review by HughesJB4 10 years ago <Permalink>
Heavy Prog Rock
An update on my old review.
While I feel this album is still very great, I've felt over time it hasn't held up as well as I first thought it would and isn't as inspiring as when I first heard it.
Nonetheless, as I said, still a high quality album indeed.
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Comment by ElectroVolta 11 years ago
Prog Rock
The album where Gavin Harrison proves to me he is one of the greatest drummers of our time, with always the highest quality production (Steven Wilson is one of the greatest producers out there). A great and very real (maybe too real for some listeners) concept, and a great pacing. Depressing and uplifting at the same time, emotional is a good word to decribe this release. Porcupine Tree has done it again, probably the most consistent band in prog today, every release has been excitingly unique and top notch since Stupid Dream. I hope this band stays around for a long time, they haven't come out with a relase I didn't VERY much enjoy yet.
Comment by king_volta 11 years ago
Prog Rock
not as good as their earlier works in my opinion, although Anesthetize is one of their best tracks of all time!
Comment by Carpetcrawler
Very good album. When Deadwing was more of a collection of songs, this is really one piece of music. Both albums are great, hard to say which one better.
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