Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon 1973 Review by fightingsleep

English/British Psychedelic Prog Album Oriented Rock
The album is marvelous? Yes. That is correct.

Highlight tracks are: Time, Great Gig in the Sky, Money, Us and Them, and Any Colour You Like
Comment by O666 4 years ago
English/British Technical Experimental Prog Blues/Electronic
I don't believe this is their bast album but I can't ignore many of great musical parameters of this album. Very impressive and classic album with great performance. Don't forget Alan Parson footsteps!!
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Comment by floflo79 4 years ago
The album who made me discover prog. A travel through death, money and stress
Review by OpenMind 12 years ago <Permalink>
Psychedelic Prog Rock
It seems like everything possible has been said about this album. Perfect, a work of a genius, immortal as the moon, dark as the night. What haven't been said about the brilliant production, the perfect tunes, the efficient effects & the strict finish. After hearing every compliment possible, PF really don't need me to be their criticizer, but still - here are my two pennies:

"Dark Side Of The Moon" is a soundtrack of a lifetime. As the time ticks out, the money that we chase, the insanity that we fear of, the forlorness of the human excistence inside this wide space. Waters' writing is surely sharper than ever and the production is planned till the last bit. Some components of this album are so imprinted in our memory, such as the clock ticking, the cashier effect (that became so popular, ironically, in economy shows...), Claire Torry's shouts, the crazy laughters of some studio engineers - all of them are soaked in the collective memory of PF & music fans throughout the world. This is surely the most famous prog record, and i can say that "DSOTM" was a turning point in the evolution of the music industry, in Great Britain as well as in the world.

Listening to "Money", the greatest hit from the album, it's pretty ironic - when you think about the way that Gilmour protests against the same things that he stands for today: cause in 1973, it's easy to protest against the system, but i guess that after so much years of success and packed stadiums, you can easily became of the same system; considering ... -> show full review
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