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HP MS C Artist aa bo Ne Ru Pr rd Retired  
Homepage Myspace it Built-In Obsolescence    
Homepage Myspace fr Dakryma        
Homepage Myspace us Edge of Reality    
Homepage no Gabriel        
Homepage pt Hunter's Vault      
Homepage us Kenn Nardi    
Homepage us Julia Kosterova          
Homepage gb Memoreve              
Homepage fr Phonema            
Homepage pt Rumo Entropico      
Homepage Myspace us Sea in the Sky      
Homepage Myspace gb Season's End            
Homepage ru Shattered Light      
Homepage Myspace us Socionic        
Homepage Myspace us The Harvest Colour      
Homepage es Visions of Tragedy        
About the "PA" area
This area of the website is providing a service for ... it features various genre charts which are used for collecting artist addition votes of the PA (Progarchives) genre teams. Based on the votes the artists are then either rejected or cleared for addition (At only progressive or prog-related music is allowed).

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Chart Voting Symbols
Need Time
NOTE: blue background color indicates that the artist recently released an album (this year or the year before)