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Date User Chart Artist Action
12h octopus4 RIO/Avant Stamping Mill -> New
12h octopus4 Post Stamping Mill -> Move
17h rdtprog Metal Noah Historia -> New
17h rdtprog Metal MestisListen -> Cleared
3d rdtprog Metal Stefan WengerListen -> Rejected
3d rdtprog Metal -> Rejected
3d rdtprog Metal Ignea -> New
3d rdtprog Metal Soul DoubtListen -> Cleared
3d rdtprog Metal Hidden Lapse -> Cleared
3d rdtprog Metal Hadeon -> Cleared
3d rdtprog Metal Cambrian -> Cleared
3d rdtprog Metal Alevas -> New
4d rdtprog Metal Dear Apollo -> New
4d rdtprog Metal HYVMINE -> New
4d rdtprog Metal Aviations -> New
4d rdtprog Metal Madárfogás -> New
4d Rivertree Psych Edgar's Hair -> New
4d DamoXt7942 Neo SJS -> Added
4d DamoXt7942 Neo Nine Skies -> Added
5d aapatsos Metal SocionicListen -> New
7d Rivertree Psych Cobra Family Picnic -> New
7d rdtprog Heavy Future was Perfect -> Added
8d octopus4 RIO/Avant Reflections in Cosmo -> New
8d TheBeardedBard Post Katre -> New
10d rdtprog Metal VisionoirListen -> Added
10d rdtprog Metal Hadeon -> New
12d Rivertree Psych Moths & Locusts -> New
12d rdtprog Metal Even Flow -> Added
12d TheBeardedBard Post Dialects -> New
13d Rivertree Psych Auroris -> Added
13d Rivertree Psych Abschaum -> New
13d rdtprog Heavy Amalgam Effect -> Added
13d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Saal Hardali -> Added
13d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Rinnesya -> Added
13d DamoXt7942 Neo Sonic Sight -> New
13d rdtprog Metal Cambrian -> New
14d TheBeardedBard Post Saving Throw -> New
14d rdtprog Heavy Amalgam Effect -> Cleared
14d rdtprog Heavy Johannes Maria Knoll -> Rejected
14d Meltdowner Psych Jeffrey Koepper -> Added
14d DamoXt7942 Neo Nine Skies -> New
14d aapatsos Metal Saving Throw -> Move
14d aapatsos Metal Even Flow -> Cleared
14d aapatsos Metal MestisListen -> New
14d Rivertree Psych Hollow Earth -> New
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover Lorenzo Esposito FornasariListen -> New
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover Bugenhagen -> New
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover Schönherz -> New
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover Fernando Perdomo -> New
15d TheBeardedBard Post Rotten ApplesListen -> Move
15d TheBeardedBard Post Fugue -> Cleared
16d TheBeardedBard Post Caddywhompus -> New
16d TheBeardedBard Post KauanListen -> New
16d octopus4 RIO/Avant Akaten -> Rejected
16d TheBeardedBard Post HeronListen -> New
16d TheBeardedBard Post Artificial WavesListen -> New
16d TheBeardedBard Post KharaListen -> New
16d TheBeardedBard Post Hypertoad -> New
16d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Akaten -> New
17d DamoXt7942 Neo Iain Jennings -> New
17d Rivertree Psych Sleeping Pandora -> New
17d rdtprog Metal Moonshine Oversight -> New
17d rdtprog Metal Stretch Heart -> New
17d rdtprog Metal Hidden Lapse -> New
18d octopus4 RIO/Avant Saal Hardali -> Cleared
18d octopus4 RIO/Avant Rinnesya -> Cleared
18d DamoXt7942 Crossover WavesignListen -> New
19d rdtprog Metal Symphony North -> Rejected
19d rdtprog Metal Ring Of Gyges -> Rejected
19d rdtprog Metal Black FateListen -> Rejected
20d octopus4 RIO/Avant Talibam! -> Rejected
20d rdtprog Metal Valeria Gallardo Trio -> Added
20d octopus4 RIO/Avant Talibam! -> New
20d rdtprog Metal Cause for Effect -> New
20d rdtprog Metal Crom-Tech -> New
20d rdtprog Metal Valeria Gallardo Trio -> Cleared
21d Rivertree Psych The Infinite Trip -> Added
21d Meltdowner Psych Hypnosphere -> Cleared
21d Rivertree Psych Jay Tausig -> Added
21d DamoXt7942 Crossover Kaprekar's Constant -> New
21d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Rinnesya -> New
22d Rivertree Psych Hypnosphere -> New
22d Rivertree Psych Natural Snow BuildingsListen -> New
25d octopus4 Neo Marin Benitez -> Rejected
25d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Anane -> New
25d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Saal Hardali -> New
27d Rivertree Psych Campo Magnetico -> New
27d DamoXt7942 Crossover Mark Salisbury -> New
27d DamoXt7942 Neo Sonic Tapestry -> Added
27d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Marin Benitez -> Removed
27d DamoXt7942 Neo Marin Benitez -> New
27d octopus4 RIO/Avant Marin Benitez -> New
27d octopus4 Neo Sonic Tapestry -> New
28d octopus4 RIO/Avant Stalingrad 119 -> Added
1M DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Monoglot -> Added
1M rdtprog Heavy Skyron Orchestra -> New
1M Rivertree Psych Red Sun -> New
1M Rivertree Psych Welcome Inside The Brain -> New
1M rdtprog Heavy Orion Dust -> New
1M DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Dai Kaht -> Added
1M DamoXt7942 Neo SJS -> New
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