Progarchives Genre Charts: Recent Developments

Date User Chart Artist Action
10h rdtprog Metal Spires -> New
10h rdtprog Heavy Põhja Konn -> New
22h rdtprog Heavy Alizarin -> New
1d rdtprog Metal Dead EmpiresListen -> Added
5d DamoXt7942 Crossover Grill -> Added
5d DamoXt7942 Crossover Unkh -> Added
6d DamoXt7942 Neo Ellsworth Hall -> New
6d DamoXt7942 Crossover Coatsworth-Hay -> New
6d DamoXt7942 Neo DID -> New
6d rdtprog Metal Dead EmpiresListen -> Cleared
7d DamoXt7942 Crossover Amberfield -> Added
7d rdtprog Metal MaterDea -> Rejected
7d rdtprog Metal Dystopia -> Rejected
7d rdtprog Heavy SL Theory -> Removed
7d octopus4 Post Palm -> Cleared
7d rdtprog Metal IgorrrListen -> Added
7d rdtprog Heavy SL Theory -> New
7d rdtprog Heavy Blå Lotus -> New
7d rdtprog Metal IgorrrListen -> Cleared
7d rdtprog Metal IgorrrListen -> New
8d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Detieti -> Cleared
8d octopus4 Post Palm -> New
8d octopus4 Post El Tubo ElasticoListen -> Added
8d rdtprog Metal Influence XListen -> New
8d rdtprog Metal A Dying PlanetListen -> New
9d NogbadTheBad RIO/Avant Karmic Juggernaut -> Added
9d NogbadTheBad RIO/Avant Guerilla Toss -> Added
9d rdtprog Metal Night Verses -> New
11d rdtprog Metal Robots Against EntropyListen -> New
12d DamoXt7942 Neo RauschListen -> Added
12d DamoXt7942 Neo RauschListen -> Cleared
13d octopus4 RIO/Avant Ryorchestra -> Added
13d Rivertree Psych Cracked Machine -> New
13d rdtprog Metal Kairos -> New
15d rdtprog Metal Distant Dream -> New
15d NogbadTheBad RIO/Avant Detieti -> New
15d Rivertree Psych The Crazy Left Experience -> Added
17d rdtprog Metal Driftglass -> New
18d rdtprog Metal Jonathan Anderson -> New
19d DamoXt7942 Crossover Colouratura -> New
19d DamoXt7942 Crossover Atlantropa Project -> Move
19d DamoXt7942 Crossover RauschListen -> Removed
19d rdtprog Metal After Forest -> New
19d rdtprog Metal ArtikonListen -> New
19d octopus4 Post DiluteListen -> Cleared
20d octopus4 Post ColarisListen -> Cleared
20d octopus4 Post Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut -> Cleared
20d Evolver Crossover The Paradox Twin -> New
20d Evolver Crossover Amberfield -> New
20d octopus4 Post Echo Tail -> Rejected
20d octopus4 Post Gabriel BakerListen -> Cleared
21d Meltdowner Psych Nicklas Sørensen -> Added
21d rdtprog Metal Unprocessed -> New
21d rdtprog Metal The Hypersonic Factor -> Removed
22d DamoXt7942 Neo RauschListen -> New
22d rdtprog Metal ValermadaListen -> New
23d Rivertree Psych P'faun -> Added
23d Rivertree Psych Abschaum -> Added
24d octopus4 RIO/Avant Ryorchestra -> Cleared
24d octopus4 Post Ned HoperListen -> Added
24d octopus4 RIO/Avant Karmic Juggernaut -> Cleared
24d octopus4 RIO/Avant Guerilla Toss -> Cleared
24d rdtprog Metal Vacantfield -> Added
24d Rivertree Psych Dynamo Snackbar -> Added
25d rdtprog Metal Sinistro -> Added
25d rdtprog Metal Egor Lappo -> New
26d DamoXt7942 Crossover Tony Patterson -> New
26d rdtprog Metal Vacantfield -> Cleared
26d rdtprog Metal Sinistro -> Cleared
26d Rivertree Psych Sagram -> New
26d Rivertree Psych Automatism -> Added
27d DamoXt7942 Crossover Gleb Kolyadin -> New
27d Rivertree Psych Ex Canix -> New
27d rdtprog Metal Howling Sycamore -> New
27d rdtprog Metal Forever In Transit -> New
28d Rivertree Psych La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio -> New
28d Rivertree Psych Universo Rojo -> New
28d rdtprog Metal OctavariumListen -> New
28d rdtprog Metal MaterDea -> New
28d rdtprog Metal Noorvik -> New
29d octopus4 Post Pretend -> New
29d Meltdowner Psych Automatism -> Cleared
29d Meltdowner Psych Mother Engine -> New
29d rdtprog Metal COEN -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Dead EmpiresListen -> New
1M Rivertree Psych DSR Lines -> Cleared
1M Rivertree Psych Nicklas Sørensen -> Cleared
1M siLLypuPPy Psych Sammal -> Cleared
1M siLLypuPPy Psych Abschaum -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal Polyphia -> New
1M rdtprog Metal The Cyberiam -> New
1M DamoXt7942 Crossover Ryan Yard -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Moon Tooth -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Onysus -> New
1M Meltdowner Psych DSR Lines -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Edain -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Skyglow -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Metalurgia -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Kaleidoreal -> New
1M rdtprog Metal The Hypersonic Factor -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Dystopia -> New
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