Progarchives Genre Charts: Recent Developments

Date User Chart Artist Action
2d octopus4 Post Mustard Gas and RosesListen -> Cleared
2d octopus4 Post Kauan -> Rejected
2d octopus4 Post KalouvListen -> Cleared
2d octopus4 Post Aurea HybrideListen -> Cleared
2d octopus4 Neo Iain Jennings -> Added
2d octopus4 Post TapeListen -> Added
2d rdtprog Metal Endtime Odyssey -> New
2d rdtprog Metal Silent Clash -> Added
2d octopus4 Post Gabriel BakerListen -> Added
2d aapatsos Metal Reese Alexander -> Cleared
2d aapatsos Metal Vault of AcanthusListen -> Rejected
2d aapatsos Metal Robots Against EntropyListen -> Cleared
2d aapatsos Metal Everything is Terrible -> Rejected
2d aapatsos Metal Driftglass -> Cleared
3d octopus4 Neo Crocodile -> New
4d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Pardans -> New
4d rdtprog Heavy Artyfiction -> New
4d rdtprog Metal Another World -> New
4d rdtprog Metal Anti Clock Tower -> New
4d Meltdowner Psych Cracked Machine -> Cleared
5d rdtprog Metal Life To Those Shadows -> New
7d octopus4 Neo Viriditas -> New
8d rdtprog Metal Hesperian Death Horse -> Added
8d rdtprog Metal XpressivEListen -> Cleared
8d rdtprog Metal Hesperian Death Horse -> Cleared
9d Rivertree Psych Moonwood -> New
9d Rivertree Psych La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio -> Added
9d Rivertree Psych Astral TV -> New
10d rdtprog Metal Modern Man -> Added
11d Meltdowner Psych Heavy Moon -> Cleared
11d Meltdowner Psych Universo Rojo -> Cleared
12d rdtprog Metal Krepera -> New
12d rdtprog Metal Forever In Transit -> Added
12d rdtprog Metal Silent Clash -> Cleared
12d rdtprog Metal Modern Man -> Cleared
12d rdtprog Metal Forever In Transit -> Cleared
12d Rivertree Psych Telegraph -> New
15d rdtprog Metal The MoorListen -> New
15d rdtprog Metal Siluetless -> New
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover Coatsworth-Hay -> Added
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover Gleb Kolyadin -> Added
17d octopus4 Post Palm -> Added
18d DamoXt7942 Crossover The Besnard Lakes -> New
18d DamoXt7942 Crossover Mark Rowen -> Rejected
18d DamoXt7942 Crossover Moonshine Blast -> Added
18d DamoXt7942 Crossover Colouratura -> Added
19d rdtprog Metal Sky EmpireListen -> New
19d rdtprog Metal Dvne -> Added
20d rdtprog Metal PIQAIA -> New
20d rdtprog Metal ArtikonListen -> Added
20d rdtprog Metal Reese Alexander -> New
20d rdtprog Metal Dvne -> Cleared
20d rdtprog Metal ArtikonListen -> Cleared
20d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Moteur! -> Added
24d rdtprog Metal OctavariumListen -> Rejected
24d rdtprog Metal Ally The Fiddle -> Rejected
26d rdtprog Metal After Forest -> Added
26d rdtprog Metal Everything is Terrible -> New
28d rdtprog Metal The Bipolar Disorder Project -> Added
28d Rivertree Psych UFO Över Lappland -> New
28d rdtprog Metal Vault of AcanthusListen -> New
28d rdtprog Metal The Bipolar Disorder Project -> Cleared
28d rdtprog Metal Spires -> Added
28d Meltdowner Psych La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio -> Cleared
28d DamoXt7942 Crossover Lótus Áurea -> Added
28d DamoXt7942 Crossover Galeria De Raices -> Added
29d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Detieti -> Added
1M aapatsos Metal A Dying PlanetListen -> Added
1M aapatsos Metal Spires -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal After Forest -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Heavy The Cyberiam -> New
1M rdtprog Metal The Cyberiam -> Move
1M aapatsos Heavy Hackberry -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Ally The Fiddle -> New
1M rdtprog Metal XpressivEListen -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Eigengrau -> New
1M rdtprog Heavy Blå Lotus -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Modern Man -> New
1M bonnek Metal Dvne -> New
1M octopus4 Post Dark Third -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Silent Clash -> New
1M siLLypuPPy Psych Mother Engine -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal Night Verses -> Added
1M Evolver Crossover Frutería Toñi -> New
1M Evolver Crossover Mark Rowen -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Howling Sycamore -> Added
1M aapatsos Metal Night Verses -> Cleared
1M aapatsos Metal Howling Sycamore -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Heavy Epizootic -> New
1M octopus4 Post Elizabeth The Last -> New
1M octopus4 Post Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut -> Added
1M octopus4 RIO/Avant Michael Giles MAD band -> New
2M rdtprog Metal SuperscreamListen -> New
2M rdtprog Metal Noorvik -> Added
2M DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Troot -> New
2M rdtprog Metal Jonathan Anderson -> Added
2M rdtprog Metal Moon Tooth -> Added
2M rdtprog Metal Noorvik -> Cleared
2M rdtprog Metal Adhara -> Added
2M rdtprog Metal Onysus -> Added
2M rdtprog Heavy Hällas -> New
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