Progarchives Genre Charts: Recent Developments

Date User Chart Artist Action
5h rdtprog Metal Sludge -> Added
2d bonnek Metal Sinistro -> New
2d Meltdowner Psych Sammal -> New
4d rdtprog Metal Hillsphere -> Added
4d aapatsos Metal Oceanic -> Removed
4d aapatsos Metal Shell From Oceanic -> New
4d aapatsos Metal Hillsphere -> Cleared
6d rdtprog Metal Firmament -> Added
7d rdtprog Metal Syndrone -> New
7d aapatsos Metal Road To Jerusalem -> Rejected
7d aapatsos Metal The Isolation Process -> Rejected
8d rdtprog Metal Fabulae Dramatis -> New
11d rdtprog Heavy Bass Invaders -> Added
11d rdtprog Heavy Bass Invaders -> Cleared
11d rdtprog Heavy Bass Invaders -> New
12d DamoXt7942 Crossover Feed Me Jack -> Added
12d rdtprog Heavy YYNOTListen -> New
13d rdtprog Heavy Bass Invaders -> Move
14d rdtprog Heavy Bass Invaders -> New
18d rdtprog Metal Nautilus -> Added
20d rdtprog Metal Golgatha -> Added
20d rdtprog Metal Music Station -> Added
20d Meltdowner Psych Els Navegants -> Rejected
21d Rivertree Psych Gomer Pyle -> Rejected
21d Rivertree Psych Alwanzatar -> Rejected
21d rdtprog Heavy Lingua -> Rejected
21d rdtprog Metal Jupiter Hollow -> New
21d rdtprog Metal Seth Angerer -> Added
21d Meltdowner Psych Aux -> Move
22d rdtprog Metal Oceanic -> New
22d rdtprog Metal THe World is Quiet Here -> Added
23d rdtprog Metal Wandering Vagrant -> Added
24d rdtprog Metal Mindfar -> Rejected
24d aapatsos Heavy Forest God -> Discuss
24d aapatsos Heavy Aux -> New
25d rdtprog Metal Agnesis -> Added
25d aapatsos Metal Sam Gorski -> New
26d rdtprog Heavy Laundry -> Added
26d rdtprog Heavy Laundry -> Cleared
27d rdtprog Heavy Transit Method -> New
27d rdtprog Metal THe World is Quiet Here -> Cleared
27d rdtprog Metal Seth Angerer -> Cleared
27d rdtprog Metal Music Station -> Cleared
27d rdtprog Metal Agnesis -> Cleared
27d aapatsos Metal Wandering Vagrant -> Cleared
28d rdtprog Metal The Isolation Process -> New
28d rdtprog Metal White Mountain -> Added
28d aapatsos Metal Golgatha -> Cleared
28d aapatsos Metal Nautilus -> Cleared
28d rdtprog Metal Obscure Sphinx -> New
28d Meltdowner Psych Mount Vernon Astral Temple -> Rejected
28d Meltdowner Psych Glaswald -> Cleared
28d Meltdowner Psych Dynamo Snackbar -> Cleared
29d Rivertree Psych Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche -> Added
29d rdtprog Heavy Lingua -> New
29d rdtprog Heavy Laundry -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Vokyl -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Taotopia -> Added
1M octopus4 RIO/Avant Moteur! -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Funcunt -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Arch Echo -> Added
1M Rivertree Psych Philippe Guerre -> Cleared
1M Rivertree Psych Fungus Hill -> New
1M aapatsos Metal Zeal and Ardor -> Rejected
1M aapatsos Metal Taotopia -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal King Goat -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal King Goat -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal King Goat -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal White Mountain -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal Vokyl -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Metal Crom-Tech -> Rejected
1M rdtprog Metal Art of Khaos -> Rejected
1M rdtprog Metal Arch Echo -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Heavy Pulp Culture -> Added
1M DamoXt7942 Crossover Emperor Norton -> New
1M DamoXt7942 Crossover Burntfield -> New
1M rdtprog Metal The Critical FailureListen -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Hidden Me -> Added
1M DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant PinioL -> Added
1M rdtprog Heavy Danava -> Rejected
1M aapatsos Heavy Omie Wise -> Discuss
1M aapatsos Metal The Critical FailureListen -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Heavy Syzygy(2) -> Rejected
1M rdtprog Heavy Omie Wise -> Rejected
1M Rivertree Psych Aux -> New
1M aapatsos Heavy Earth Flight -> Removed
1M aapatsos Heavy Pulp Culture -> Cleared
1M rdtprog Heavy Danava -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Arch Echo -> New
2M rdtprog Metal IceFish -> New
2M octopus4 RIO/Avant PinioL -> Cleared
2M DamoXt7942 Crossover RauschListen -> New
2M Meltdowner Psych The Crazy Left Experience -> Cleared
2M DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant PinioL -> New
2M Rivertree Psych Robert Carty -> New
2M DamoXt7942 Crossover Cosmo Sheldrake -> Rejected
2M octopus4 Post Metallic Taste Of Blood -> Added
2M Meltdowner Psych Silas Neptune -> Added
2M Meltdowner Psych Jonas Munk -> Added
2M rdtprog Metal Firmament -> New
2M rdtprog Heavy Forest God -> New
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