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Date User Chart Artist Action
11h DamoXt7942 Neo Virtuel -> Added
16h aapatsos Metal Zapryan -> Cleared
16h aapatsos Metal Xenoverse -> Cleared
17h rdtprog Metal Rivers of Nihil -> Added
1d rdtprog Metal HAGO -> Added
1d rdtprog Metal Rivers of Nihil -> Cleared
2d rdtprog Metal Hekz -> New
2d rdtprog Metal Breathless Heart -> Added
2d Rivertree Psych Spids Nøgenhat -> New
2d rdtprog Metal Ostura -> New
4d aapatsos Metal HAGO -> Cleared
4d aapatsos Metal Breathless Heart -> Cleared
4d aapatsos Metal Axios -> Cleared
4d aapatsos Metal Seyminhol -> Rejected
4d aapatsos Metal Powerized -> Rejected
4d aapatsos Metal Hexed -> Rejected
6d rdtprog Metal Sleep In Heads -> Added
7d aapatsos Metal Mother of MillionsListen -> Added
7d aapatsos Metal Erevan -> Rejected
7d aapatsos Metal Mother of MillionsListen -> Cleared
7d rdtprog Metal Walls of Babylon -> New
7d rdtprog Heavy Syzygy(2) -> New
7d DamoXt7942 Crossover Moonshine Blast -> New
8d DamoXt7942 RIO/Avant Mames Babegenush -> Rejected
8d DamoXt7942 Crossover Lorenzo Esposito FornasariListen -> Added
8d DamoXt7942 Crossover Saulės Laikrodis -> Added
8d DamoXt7942 Crossover Novo5 -> Added
8d DamoXt7942 Crossover Servants Of Science -> Added
9d DamoXt7942 Crossover Fernando Perdomo -> Added
10d TheBeardedBard Post Ned HoperListen -> Cleared
10d TheBeardedBard Post Trans Am -> Rejected
10d TheBeardedBard Post Transmissions 13Listen -> Cleared
11d Meltdowner Psych Six By Seven -> Rejected
11d Meltdowner Psych Silas Neptune -> Cleared
11d Rivertree Psych Yukon Territorial Expansion -> Added
11d Rivertree Psych Octavio Sendero -> Added
11d Rivertree Psych Cobra Family Picnic -> Added
11d Rivertree Psych Alwanzatar -> New
11d Rivertree Psych Detlev Schmidtchen -> New
11d Meltdowner Psych Philippe Guerre -> New
12d siLLypuPPy Psych P'faun -> Cleared
12d octopus4 Post Exxasens -> Added
13d rdtprog Metal Subterfuge -> New
14d Rivertree Psych The Crazy Left Experience -> New
14d octopus4 RIO/Avant 16-17 -> New
15d DamoXt7942 Crossover The Dame -> Removed
15d DamoXt7942 Neo The Dame -> Added
15d DamoXt7942 Neo Sonic Sight -> Added
17d DamoXt7942 Crossover Monnaie de Singe -> New
17d DamoXt7942 Crossover Ryan ParmenterListen -> Added
17d DamoXt7942 Crossover Schönherz -> Added
17d Meltdowner Psych Red Sun -> Added
17d DamoXt7942 Crossover Koyo -> Added
18d rdtprog Metal Cloud Theory -> Added
18d rdtprog Metal Zeal and Ardor -> New
18d rdtprog Metal Brian Maillard -> New
18d octopus4 RIO/Avant Mames Babegenush -> New
20d Evolver Crossover Novo5 -> New
20d Evolver Crossover Needlepoint -> New
20d octopus4 Post Birds Of Fire -> Cleared
20d octopus4 Post Metallic Taste Of Blood -> Cleared
20d octopus4 Post Exxasens -> Cleared
20d octopus4 Post AramidListen -> Added
20d rdtprog Metal Portraits -> New
20d rdtprog Metal Erevan -> New
20d rdtprog Heavy Omie Wise -> New
20d DamoXt7942 Crossover Marakesh -> Added
20d DamoXt7942 Crossover Omie Wise -> Move
20d DamoXt7942 Crossover Smalltape -> Added
20d DamoXt7942 Crossover PuzzleWood -> Added
21d DamoXt7942 Crossover ENINE -> Added
21d DamoXt7942 Crossover Richard Wileman -> Added
21d DamoXt7942 Crossover Oglin -> Added
21d rdtprog Metal The Mourning -> New
21d Rivertree Psych Glaswald -> New
21d DamoXt7942 Crossover WavesignListen -> Added
21d DamoXt7942 Crossover Tonochrome -> Added
22d aapatsos Metal Sleep In Heads -> Cleared
22d aapatsos Metal Sleep In Heads -> Added
22d aapatsos Metal HAGO -> New
22d rdtprog Metal IgorrrListen -> New
22d rdtprog Metal Hexed -> New
22d DamoXt7942 Crossover Laura Casale -> Added
22d DamoXt7942 Crossover Bomber Goggles -> Added
23d DamoXt7942 Neo The Dame -> New
23d DamoXt7942 Crossover The Dame -> Move
24d DamoXt7942 Crossover The Dame -> New
24d Evolver Crossover Bomber Goggles -> New
25d rdtprog Metal Axios -> New
25d Rivertree Psych Pixie Ninja -> Removed
26d Rivertree Psych Silas Neptune -> New
28d rdtprog Metal Rivers of Nihil -> New
28d rdtprog Metal Worldview -> New
28d octopus4 Neo Clouds Can -> New
28d octopus4 Neo Johnny BobListen -> New
29d octopus4 RIO/Avant Raoul Moretti -> New
29d rdtprog Metal Sludge -> New
1M rdtprog Metal Khonsu -> Added
1M rdtprog Metal Khonsu -> Cleared
1M aapatsos Metal Noveria -> Rejected
1M aapatsos Metal Damnations Day -> Rejected
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