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Artist Opeth
Country Sweden
User PowerWyrm
8.8 x12
Atmospheric Retro Prog Rock/Death Metal
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Comment by PowerWyrm 5 years ago
Opeth - Pale Communion 2014
Prog Rock
My least favorite album since Deliverance. Seems that the growls are gone, but the songs have become more cheesy. Had to wait for the final track to find the Opeth I really like.
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Comment by PowerWyrm 7 years ago
Opeth - Heritage 2011
Atmospheric Retro Prog Rock
Sounds a lot like the past two albums, minus the harsh vocals and with a lot more 70's prog feeling... but I like!
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Review by PowerWyrm 11 years ago <Permalink>
Opeth - Watershed 2008
Prog Metal
A strong follow up to Ghost Reveries, with the same tendencies to add more mellow passages between the extreme parts. In fact, it's the only album (except of course Damnation) that has more songs with only clean vocals than songs with growls. The music is also quite different from the Still Life - Deliverance era, with half of the band having been replaced and with the addition of a permanent keyboardist. Sounds like we have here a transitional album, but the transition seems almost complete...
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Review by PowerWyrm 12 years ago <Permalink>
Opeth - Damnation 2003
Atmospheric Prog Rock
I was waiting for eight years for Opeth to deliver an album without extreme metal parts, and this is it - the complete antithesis from the twin album Deliverance (their heaviest album). Most people will find it too mellow, but not me... it's simply outstanding. Fans of Anathema and Porcupine Tree should love this album too.

Highly recommended (one of the 3 albums of my collection that could pretend to a maximum rating...)