Ningen-Isu Ningen Shikkaku 1990 Review by DamoXt7942

Heavy Prog Hard Rock
After weird and psychedelic air with sounds like an animal crying or being squeezed blowin' and twistin' around us, steady and heavy riffs by guitars and drums should come here. The heavy riffs can remind us the sound wall by King Crimson, Uriah Heep or Rush - pioneers in heavy prog scene. From the first track ' Tetsugoshi No Mokushiroku (The Apocalypse of Prison) ' we can feel only two of their faces. Hey folks, a bizarre show with serious plays now gets started! ' Hari No Yama (A heap of needles) ' is - you bet - just Budgie's Breadfan with their Japanese impressive arrangement. We can realize their respect for Budgie with this speedy and aggressive ensemble. Their lyrics are very funny (Gonna fall down from the heap of needles, with my body packed with massive fire and blood!) but plays and sounds are as serious and terrific as Budgie, in my opinion as a Japanese. ;-) For them writing lyrics should be really enjoyable we can feel. Next ' Ayakashi No Tsuzumi (Ayakashi playin' drums) ' is exactly weird song - Ayakashi is an imaginary monster in the sea, that is appeared vividly by them. Listen and feel - like drumming in another world, heavy drum sounds with heavy bass ones and heavier voices go through our brain with weirdness of this monster. Ken'ichi's cult make this eerie song - tasted by his eerie voices and thick sounds. ' Ringo No Namida (Tears of an apple) ' is an arrangement of a Japanese children's song, isn't it? Basically it's a song that an apple born on a countryside will go to a city by train for sale. The children's song is pleasant and expectable one but this version is very plaintive and tragic. I guess they should notify us the sadness of prostitutes... ' Sai No Kawara ' - how shall I translate - may be from a Japanese tragic old tale. ... -> show full review