Mouth of the Architect Path Of Eight 2016 Review by DamoXt7942

Experimental Prog Metal
Honest to say, this album "Path Of Eight" is my first MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, which sleeve of mysticism I've pretty got immersed in and could not avoid preordering. And their first hit for me was massive and aggressive. "Ritual Bell" drenched in surrealistic wall of sound and flooded with religious rite of MotA baptism completely leads the audience upon the rigid road of architectures each of which has different vibe from others amazingly, below mentioned.

Their deep, heavy, and intensive stoner sound-world sounds leaning toward the Seattle-oriented grunge scene like the early Pearl Jam ("The priestess" reminds me of Pearl Jam's debut album "ten" actually) or Alice In Chains (e.g. complicatedly moving waves can be heard in "Fever Dream", one of my faves really) ... because they might hail from US I imagine? And not only grunge-ish atmosphere but also colourful sound variation they have launched upon this physical stuff (both the disc and the sleeve).

"Sever The Soul" has obvious hard deathcore touch beneath the melodic sea. On the other hand, wild and depressive alternative depth / width can be enjoyed in "Stretching Out". The last titled track is filled with acidity and stoner essence as though it were not already enough. In addition, such a deep metallic kaleidoscope should be tinged with unpolished unclear pop taste here and there.

Their soundscape should apparently be far from Zeni Geva classified in the same subgenre like them, although I'm not familiar with Exp. / Post Metal. Certainly I cannot say at all I wasted my money upon this wonderful album.