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Comment by Mike
AyreonListen - Actual Fantasy 1996
Prog Metal/Rock
This is the most accessible Ayreon album, with many really good
songs and awesome production (the re-release is a big
improvement, with re-recorded drums). There's no big concept
like on Electric Castle or The Human Equation, but the typical
Ayreon spirit is more than enough to create a good flow.
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Comment by Mike 13 years ago
QueensrÿcheListen - Promised Land 1994
Experimental Prog Metal
Absolutely brilliant album, and their most progressive effort to date. This is actually quite experimental and daring music compared to Operation: Mindcrime and Empire, which I also happen to like very much, but never considered to be particularly progressive.
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Comment by Mike 13 years ago
NevermoreListen - Dead Heart, in a Dead World 2000
Technical Non-Prog Thrash Metal
One of the best modern metal albums ... nearly perfect in almost every aspect. Pure brilliance!
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
Iron MaidenListen - A Matter of Life and Death 2006
Non-Prog Metal
Many people are quite euphoric about this album - some even say
that it's progressive. I don't think so ... they do pick up a
lot of influences, including Dream Theater (usually it's the
other way round). I think it works out, but it's not a
brilliant release. I still prefer the classic releases from the
early 80s ... true masterpieces, while this seems more like a
rehash of all those albums while trying to sound modern.
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Comment by Mike
Blind GuardianListen - A Twist In The Myth 2006
Medieval Prog-Related Power Metal
I like the album, but I would have prefered a move back to the
big concept and musical experimentality of Nightfall in
Middle-Earth. Instead they chose to perfect the style they
introduced on A Night at the Opera - an interesting mix of
Power Metal, Folk and Queen-like vocal arrangements.
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Comment by Mike 13 years ago
AyreonListen - The Human Equation 2004
Symphonic Prog Metal/Rock
What an amazing album! It's nearly perfect in every aspect. Compared to Into the Electric Castle it's a bit more polished and less experimental, but ItEC is not far behind. It's similarly to comparing Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory and Dream Theater - Images & Words ... I simply can't decide!
Comment by Mike
Frost - Milliontown 2006
Symphonic Neo Prog Rock
After the excellent release of The Tangent, this is another
contender for best prog rock release of 2006 ... stunning
musicianship, good balance between quirky parts and mellow
songs, some weird - but not too weird - ideas, good vocals,
excellent production, rock-solid songwriting.
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Comment by Mike
Becoming the ArchetypeListen - Terminate Damnation 2005
Technical Prog Extreme Metal
A very diverse album - extremely aggressive death growls and
spacey drumless parts, and some really original riffs and
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
Hammers of MisfortuneListen - Locust Years 2006
Prog Metal
Awesome! It's difficult to put to words ... they manage to
create a very unique sound. Driving, exciting metal, good
vocals (mostly female), tasteful keyboards (mostly organ), and
adventurous song structures both rhythmically and harmonically.
They are quite original - I can't think of any other band with
a similar sound.
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
The Fiery FurnacesListen - Bitter Tea 2006
Free Form Experimental Prog Independent
There are these moments when you're listening to something and it alters or expands your perception of certain things. Well, listening to this album showed me that there are bands which are more experimental than some of the Avant-Prog stuff which I like so much. The Fiery Furnaces are not a Prog band, more like an experimental Independent band ... the album is a bit patchy, but the female vocals and keyboards create the necessary cohesion.

Only recommended for the fearless and open-minded listener!
Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
Andy Timmons - Resolution 2006
Non-Prog Rock
Andy Timmons never sounded more like Satriani than on this
album. It's decent, and some melodies are stunningly beautiful,
as well as the tasteful Jazz voicings that he adds to the
largely Blues/Rock dominated songs. It's not really an album
for guitarists only ... if you like melodic instrumental Rock,
then you won't be disappointed. It's just neither experimental
nor progressive. Listening to the album I found myself craving
a keyboard player many times ... but on the other hand a 3
piece band als has its appeal.
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Comment by Mike
MannhaiListen - Hellroad Caravan 2006
Retro Non-Prog Metal
I like the last track best - Stoner Metal with a symphonic
touch. Unfortunately most songs on this album are Stoner Metal
without any surprises ... occasionally they slow down the songs
and get groovy/spacey, but not often enough for my taste.
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Comment by Mike
MuseListen - Black Holes and Revelations 2006
Non-Prog Rock
Wow, these guys are really ambitious. Although this is a Pop
album first and foremost, they're adding an amazing number of
different styles, from Spanish folklore to Stoner Metal. It's
all very consistent though, and never patchy.
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
MonoListen - You Are There 2006
Japanese Instrumental Minimalistic Prog Post Rock
Mono are a Post Rock band par excellence. As far as I'm
concerned they combine the best of all Post Rock styles ... the
lush strings and symphonic elements of Sigur Rós, the
Drone/Noise elements of GYBE, and some Alternative/Experimental
influences. On this album there are no weak tracks, although
the first track is a bit stretched out. My favorites are
"Yearning" and "Moonlight" ... very diverse tracks which are
Old School and innovative at the same time.
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
Saga - Trust 2006
Non-Prog Rock
This is my first exposure to Saga, and I enjoyed it. Most songs
don't really grab me - they're kind of simplistic and (at least
to me) not very interesting, but still decent. But a couple of
songs are really nice, and more progressive than you would
expect from a band that had their biggest hits in the 80s with
a very much AOR/Stadium Rock oriented style. The good songs on
this album reminded me much of Enchant, with a dose of
(Non-Prog) Toto thrown in. Light Prog, but still!
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
X-Japan - Art of Life 1992, EP
Neo Non-Prog Power Metal
Listening to this nearly 30 minutes long epic left me with mixed feelings about this band. They are a Power/Speed Metal band, and they play in that fashion during about 50% of the track. There are progressive Power Metal bands, but X-Japan aren't one of them because they keep their Power Metal very simple most of the time, rhythmically and harmonically.

What makes this a progressive epic is the classical elements they add during the non-metal phases, most notably the excessive piano section from approx. 16:00 to 23:00.
Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
EidolonListen - The Parallel Otherworld 2006
Prog-Related Metal
This is a very pleasant listening experience for fans of
Progressive Power Metal. There are some moments when the riffs
remind a little too much of the obvious influences (see track
comments) ... or where they dwell too long on one particular
guitar riff, and you find yourself thinking about the skip
button - but keep on listening, because it is good stuff.
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
EnslavedListen - Ruun 2006
Prog Extreme Metal
A very strong effort ... if you're new to Progressive Black
Metal, then this might be a good starting point. It's not too
revolutionary, but at least in three songs they manage to
really leave the confinements of their base style, adding
symphonic passages with a lot of guitar-based texturing and
void of any drums, let alone blastbeats. I'm not sure about the
necessity of the BM vocals though ... I much prefer the clean
vocals, although I don't have a problem with growling in
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Review by Mike 13 years ago <Permalink>
DaedalusListen - Leading Far From A Mistake 2003
Prog-Related Metal
If you like technical prog metal (Early Dream Theater, Ice Age,
Sieges Even) combined with a heavy dose of Italian Prog Rock,
then this may be for you. It's a nice debut album by a young
band, recorded with a small budget ... but the musicality is
strong. They managed to really create interesting music, with
the different moods and paces flowing organically. The vocalist
is not on par with the others though, and currently (2006) they
are recording a new album with a different man at the
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Comment by Mike
Black Sabbath - Sabotage 1975
Heavy Non-Prog Metal
It's an interesting album - it reminded me of Led Zeppelin,
both the vocals and the occasional psychedelic effects. It's a
little bit patchy, with a few short progressive songs (or parts
of songs) and the majority rather plain heavy rock - which many
people call an early form of heavy metal.
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Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
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Prog Rock
AyreonListen - The Source 2017
 2 years ago
Prog Rock
Dream TheaterListen - When Dream And Day Unite 1989
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Technical Experimental Prog Metal
Neal MorseListen - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
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Neal MorseListen - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
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