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Comment by Mike 11 years ago - 01011001 2008
Symphonic Prog Metal/Rock
I think this is Mr. Lucassen's best work so far. Production, musicians and especially the vocalists are nearly perfect, but what makes this album so unique and interesting is how it connects the previous albums ... they all become part of one largely consistent story (with the exception of Actual Fantasy of course). But not only the lyrics reference the previous albums, the songs are also re-visited and cunningly interwoven with new ideas. Pure brilliance!
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Aeon - Aeon Spoke 2007
Prog-Related Rock
A fascinating album ... very strong songs, the overall style reminds me a bit of Blackfield but with less pathos. It's hard to believe that two members of Cynic play in this band ... it's not metal at all, it's not even heavy. I'm writing this after the second listen, and I'm almost certain this will continue to grow on me.
Review by Mike 11 years ago <Permalink>
Luca - Everyday's Life 2007
Italian Atmospheric Neo Prog Fusion
A very nice debut! I enjoyed listening to this album ...
usually keyboard dominated albums are a bit less enjoyable for
me, but there is much diversity, many different keyboard sounds
from synth via vocal effects to e-piano and mellotron and some
real guitars as well, acoustic and electric. There are two
major things that in my humble opinion could be improved:
Firstly the timing - particularly when many instruments are
playing - felt a bit off to me in some parts, and secondly the
melodic/harmonic structure is a bit too generic and sometimes
almost sounded like a jam track with basic improvisation. But -
as I said above - I enjoyed listening to the album, and I'm
looking forward to the next one!
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Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Onségen - Hottoizzoh 2007, EP
Experimental Prog Rock
Very nice! An eclectic mix of styles ranging from Anekdoten to Zeuhl by way of Guapo and King Crimson. It's on the darker/avant side, but with much melodic improvisation which lightens it up a bit. Can't wait to hear a full album!
Comment by Mike 11 years ago - Mind Funk 1991
Non-Prog Rock/Metal
A very underrated gem in my collection ... even today, over 15 years after its release, the album still sounds fresh and not at all outdated. BTW: The band initially chose the name "Mind Fuck" but was forced by the record company to change it to "Mind Funk". So while their music features some funky rhythms here and there it doesn't have anything to do with Funk as a genre.
Review by Mike 11 years ago <Permalink> - Wings of Lead over Dormant Seas 2007
Atmospheric Minimalistic Prog Post Doom Metal
This is my favorite Post Metal release of 2007 so far ... it's
very diverse, there's a lot of noise, feedback and droning
sounds but also melody and traces of "conventional" song
structures. Vocals are "typically" Post Metal, but quite
accessible and they match the music perfectly. Both
musicianship and production leave very little to be desired,
and even considering that this album clocks in at 120 minutes
and the last track alone is 60 minutes long it never gets
boring for me ... they never draw out a part for too long and
there's always something new coming up.
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Comment by Mike 11 years ago - Red Album 2007
Experimental Prog Post Metal
This is a quite interesting mix ... there are elements of Post Metal, but also quirky Math parts, and it all falls together nicely.
Comment by Mike 11 years ago - Conqueror 2007
Ambient Prog Post Metal/Rock
Difficult to assign genre tags to this one. Massive slow paced metal riffs are Doom/Stoner Metal trademarks, but they are joined by minimalistic layers of echoing synths which you normally get in Post Rock. Add to that the generally positive vibe (major chords) which are also unusual for Post Metal ...
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Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside 1996
Psychedelic Non-Prog Rock
This is really a remarkable album ... very mature, a rich blend of influences ranging from raw Punk through Led Zeppelin to Country and Metal. Superb songwriting, flawless execution ... what more can you ask?
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Between The Buried & - Colors 2007
Avant-Garde Prog Extreme Metal
I really like the album, but somehow many of the aggressive metalcore parts seem a bit unnecessary to me ... which is a pity, because the album contains some brilliant and unusual approaches to songwriting, and - as usual - musicianship and production are superb.
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Review by Mike 11 years ago <Permalink>
Radiohead - In Rainbows 2007
Minimalistic Experimental Prog Post Rock/Independent
I'm writing this review as I listen to the album on my record
player ... the vinyl edition is amazing, even topping the
limited edition of Porcupine Tree's Fear of a Blank Planet.
Interestingly the vinyls are 45 rpm (and 180gr which goes
without saying) which is usually only found in audiophile
circles. Musically the album is quite strong, with a definitive
move towards Post Rock. Overall its quite dark and moody, but
also harmonically diverse and an eclectic range of rhythms,
sounds etc..
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Comment by Mike 11 years ago
The Flower - The Sum of No Evil 2007
Symphonic Retro Prog Rock
A solid album, but it's really just "more of the same". It's not progressive in the literal sense ... and I can't find any highlights.
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Porcupine - Nil Recurring 2007, EP
Eclectic Prog Rock
Very nice, especially the track "What Happen's Now?". I think they should have put that on the regular FoaBP release as a last track - it works brilliantly as a reprise of Anesthetize.
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Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Frank - Make A Jazz Noise Here 1991, Live
Avant-Garde Prog Rock
This album is definitely *the* Zappa live album when it comes to Jazz ... I think it's much better than his Jazz studio albums (e.g. Jazz From Hell) because there's so much improvisation going on here and everything's top notch: musicianship, composition, production, mood, experimentality ...
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Big Big - The Difference Machine 2007
Symphonic Prog Rock
Wow! This is really blowing me away ... my favorite Symphonic Prog Rock album of this year so far. It's really diverse - Gazpacho, Frost, The Tangent, Flower Kings all come to mind - yet they've found a very unique and interesting approach of combining these influences.
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Jordan - The Road Home 2007
Symphonic Retro Prog Rock
Very well done ... not just Jordan, but all the other musicians involved. Cover albums aren't usually scoring too high in my book, but this is nearly perfect ... the mother of all prog covers if you will.
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Adrian - Coming Attractions 2000, Best Of
Experimental Prog Rock/Pop
What's with Mr. Belew's strange interest for the animal kingdom? It's not that I mind ... he mimicks animal sounds with his guitar - which we already know from his recordings with King Crimson (Dinosaur etc.) - like no other musician did before. It's all a bit dissonant and hardly accessible for your typical fan of Disney type animal-related stuff (e.g. Lion King), but this should be a quite entertaining listening experience for people who are into the avant-garde side of things.
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Savatage - The Wake Of Magellan 1997
Prog Metal/Rock
I enjoy listening to the album, but somehow it leaves me cold. It seems strangely dispassionate to me ... but musically it's quite good, American style power/heavy metal on the lighter side combined with modern neo prog (Arena comes to mind).
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Abigail's - Selling Insincerity 2006
Neo Prog-Related Rock
This album reminds me a lot of mid 90s Porcupine Tree combined with Neo Prog ... good music, good production, but not *that* original.
Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Era - What Stirs Within 2007
Experimental Prog Thrash Metal
I'm not quite sure what to make of this ... the vocals are Sludge/Doom, the music is mostly Thrash with some melodic twin leads (Power Metal) and a few Doom Metal parts, the whole album is moderately experimental. The band produced the album all by themselves - way to go!
Favorite LPs of 2017 - The Source
Prog Rock
Steven - To the Bone
Prog Pop
Foo - Concrete and Gold
Non-Prog Rock
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic
Retro Non-Prog Rock
Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos
Prog-Related Rock
Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley
Prog-Related Rock
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Foo - Concrete and Gold 2017
 one month ago
Non-Prog Rock
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic 2017
 2 months ago
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Steven - To the Bone 2017
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Prog Pop
Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley 2017
 3 months ago
Prog-Related Rock
Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
 3 months ago
Prog-Related Rock
Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
 6 months ago
Prog-Related Rock - The Source 2017
 6 months ago
Prog Rock - The Source 2017
 6 months ago
Prog Rock
Dream - When Dream And Day Unite 1989
 8 months ago
Technical Experimental Prog Metal
Neal - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
 10 months ago
Prog Rock - Meliora 2015
 12 months ago
Prog-Related Metal
Neal - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
 12 months ago
Prog Rock
Blind - Imaginations from the Other Side 1995
 2 years ago
Heavy Prog-Related Power Metal
King - Red 1974
 2 years ago
English/British Experimental Prog Rock
Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary 2016
 2 years ago
Heavy Prog Metal
Fates - Theories Of Flight 2016
 2 years ago
Prog Metal
Cult of - Mariner (with Julie Christmas) 2016
 2 years ago
Atmospheric Prog Post Metal - Affinity 2016
 2 years ago
Eclectic Prog Metal
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