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Comment by Mike - Script for a Jester's Tear 1983
English/British Neo Prog Rock
I never had much love for the sound of the 80s ... I'm trying not to be biased, but it is hard. It's a very solid album, but even with the production, overly emotional vocals and clichee rock guitar aside I can't see what's so damn special about it.
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Rating by Mike
Sieges - Steps 1990
Technical Prog Metal
I have a hard time getting past the vocals ...
Comment by Mike
Lemur - Insights 1996
Neo Prog-Related Metal/Rock
I enjoy listening to this album, but it seems to be a bit
derivative. The biggest influence is Dream Theater, closely
followed by Enchant and Rush. It's an honest effort though,
with brilliant musicianship and lots of own ideas thrown in. If
you like technical prog metal bands use should check them
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Comment by Mike 12 years ago
Mike - hat. 1992
Avant-Garde Prog Rock
What a hilarious roller coaster ride! The whole album is a relentless mix of musically demanding compositions which a heavy dose of improvisation. The whole album is constructed like a radio show - it consists of many short tracks and a few longer ones, and they all contain short bits of "musical narration", the kind of which only Mike Keneally produces - for example, right at the beginning of the album you hear him saying "thank you for buying hat." by means of carefully arranged multi-layered vocal arrangements. Simply hilarious!
Comment by Mike - Consign to Oblivion 2005
Orchestral Prog Power Metal
I would prefer Epica to Nightwish anytime. Their music is just
so much more credible to me - especially the vocals. At the
same time the symphonic elements are much more sophisticated
and more cleverly done. It also rocks - there are some
amazingly heavy parts, different types of extreme vocals ...
yet never cheesy. Perfect!
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Comment by Mike
Blind - Battalions of Fear 1988
Neo Non-Prog Speed Metal
All good qualities of Blind Guardian show on this early album,
but musicianship and songwriting leave much to be desired. You
can hear the shape of things to come - but I wouldn't recommend
this album unless you're a completionist.
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Comment by Mike 12 years ago
Mike - The Universe Will Provide 2004
Instrumental Prog Rock
A very nice fusion of a fully fledged orchestra and rock band. Well, not exactly your typical rock band if you know Mike Keneally. Quirky and weird are words which begin to describe his style, it's all very creative and resourceful and the collaboration with the orchestra works amazingly well ... the guitar, bass and drums blend perfectly with the other instruments, reminding of the Zappa albums where he used a big ensemble, only that in this case even more instruments are used.
Comment by Mike - Lemuria 2005
Orchestral Prog-Related Metal
Therion have come a long way as far as their musicianship is
concerned. But the creativity and originality still leaves a
lot to be desired, and I just can't find the relevance in their
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
The Mars - Frances the Mute 2005
Eclectic Prog Rock
I like this album a lot ... but I must admit that I normally
cannot stand listening to it in one setting, as there is simply
a bit too much going on, and it's a bit like "complexity for
the sake of complexity". But it is all very well done, they
tried very hard to make this a good album, and they succeeded.
So if you're into musical roller-coaster rides and don't mind
experimental and unusual music with alternative roots, then
this is for you.
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Comment by Mike
Demons & - Demons & Wizards 2000
Heavy Neo Non-Prog Power Metal
In my opinion the two very different concepts behind this
project just don't mix. Maybe there is a way to successfully
combine the Symphonic Power Metal of Blind Guardian with the
raw-edged straight Power Metal of Iced Earth, but this is not
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Radiohead - OK Computer 1997
Eclectic Prog Post Rock
I like Radiohead best when they find a good balance between
catchy tunes, odd/quirky bits and brilliant political/social
lyrics. So on this album I prefer the songs that they also
published as singles, plus the more melodic ones. The
dissonant, noisy songs on this album are good, but not
brilliant - other bands do a better job at that kind if music.
Still those songs are very worth listening to, and after all
they provide a good contrast to the melodic ones.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - From Mars to Sirius 2005
Heavy Prog Extreme Metal
This is extremely cool. A really extreme kind of music, with sometimes quite brutal double bass drumming, heavy, thrash metal guitars riffing and growling/screaming vocals ... but it's not really aggressive, I'd rather call it hypnotic and even avant-garde to some extent. Meshuggah are an obvious influence - but more in terms of sound and texturing (Nothing/Catch 33) than complexity. Some parts also remind me of Devin Townsend ... sudden outbursts of heaviness followed by epic/majestic textural parts.

The album deals with issues like global warming ... saving the oceans, which explains the whale on the cover. If you can tolerate the heavy parts and the screaming then listening to this album from beginning to end can really take you on a fascinating journey through time, space ... and water.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - The Great Cold Distance 2006
Non-Prog Metal
Wow! I was never too much into Katatonia, but I love this album
even after one listen. It's reminding me much of Tool (the
drumming and guitars) and Opeth (song structure, "mood swings"
and clean vocals), but it's not really derivative - Katatonia
have their own sound, and it shines through in every song here,
with just a tiny bit more seriousness, ambition and - prog.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Dark - Existence 2005
Experimental Prog Metal
I saw the band opening for Pain of Salvation in 2005, and they
played many songs from this album. I like it very much, and I
must say that there are some similarities to Pain of Salvation,
although Dark Suns is generally more firmly rooted in
Gothic/Dark/Alternative Metal, and only on this album
they're now beginning to really move towards more epic and
technically demanding songs.
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Comment by Mike - Viva Emptiness 2003
Non-Prog Metal
On this album Katatonia sound "mildly" progressive - it seems
like they're trying to leave mainstream behind, but somehow
can't cross the border. Some songs are quite interesting and
experimental, others are mainstream and even venture into
Nu-Metal territory.
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Comment by Mike
Allen - - The Battle 2005
Neo Non-Prog Metal
This is a really well made melodic metal album - two
magnificent vocalists, top production and decent songwriting.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Blind - Nightfall in Middle-Earth 1998
Orchestral Prog Power Metal
This is one of my most favorite albums of all time ... and it also happens to be one of the most controversial ones in terms of "prog status". Blind Guardian started as a plain speed/power metal band and then slowly developed and refined their style into something very unique ... a blend of medieval/folk, fierce speed/power metal and Queen-like vocal arrangements. The progressiveness lies in the way these elements are combined into a consistent work of art, which they succeeded in doing on some of their albums, most notably Imaginations from the Other Side, Nightfall in Middle Earth and A Night at the Opera. Out of these Nightfall in Middle-Earth is their ultimate achievement as far as I am concerned ... there are people who favor its successor (A Night at the Opera) because it's even more pompous, with slightly better production and more polished songwriting. But then again it doesn't have the sophisticated concept of Nightfall, which is another major asset which sets this album apart from other orchestral metal albums. It is based on Tolkien's Silmarillion ... but rather ... -> show full review
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Comment by Mike
Carptree - Man Made Machine 2005
Neo Prog Rock
Carptree really have an unique sound. Their vocalist may sound
a bit like Gabriel, their instrumentation may be similar to
other Scandinavian prog rock bands ... but to me their
compositions are really not derivative. They have a good sense
for really odd, but still quite harmonic melodies and
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Spock's - Octane 2005
Technical Prog-Related Rock
I really like this album. Spock's Beard really found their
footing with this album, on the previous one (Feel Euphoria)
they seemed a little bit unsure to me, partly trying new stuff
and emulating Neal's songwriting. On this album they are
confidently moving away from 70s prog rock, towards a modern
rock style that hasn't got "prog" written all over it. But he
old quirkyness is still there, in small doses. What really
counts is good songwriting, self confidence and
credibility, and they certainly have all that.
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Comment by Mike - Colma 1998
Instrumental Prog-Related Post Rock
A really strange album, at least if you primarily know
Buckethead as a technical, quirky guitar shredder. It is
entirely acoustic/instrumental, with sparse drums or electronic
loops. Ambient guitar music to chill out and relax, peaceful
and still. I like it!
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Favorite LPs of 2017 - The Source
Prog Rock
Steven - To the Bone
Prog Pop
Foo - Concrete and Gold
Non-Prog Rock
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic
Retro Non-Prog Rock
Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos
Prog-Related Rock
Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley
Prog-Related Rock
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Foo - Concrete and Gold 2017
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Non-Prog Rock
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic 2017
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Steven - To the Bone 2017
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Prog Pop
Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley 2017
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Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
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Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
 6 months ago
Prog-Related Rock - The Source 2017
 6 months ago
Prog Rock - The Source 2017
 6 months ago
Prog Rock
Dream - When Dream And Day Unite 1989
 8 months ago
Technical Experimental Prog Metal
Neal - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
 10 months ago
Prog Rock - Meliora 2015
 12 months ago
Prog-Related Metal
Neal - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
 12 months ago
Prog Rock
Blind - Imaginations from the Other Side 1995
 2 years ago
Heavy Prog-Related Power Metal
King - Red 1974
 2 years ago
English/British Experimental Prog Rock
Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary 2016
 2 years ago
Heavy Prog Metal
Fates - Theories Of Flight 2016
 2 years ago
Prog Metal
Cult of - Mariner (with Julie Christmas) 2016
 2 years ago
Atmospheric Prog Post Metal - Affinity 2016
 2 years ago
Eclectic Prog Metal
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