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Comment by Mike
Zaar - Zaar 2006
Experimental Prog Rock
Wow, these guys have created a style of their own. Somewhere
between King Crimson's later more abstract music (think
Frakcture) and RIO/Avant-Prog, with instruments like Hurdy
Gurdy, and quite some noise, yet never aimless and always
working in a greater context.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Moonspell - Memorial 2006
Non-Prog Metal
I don't know where to put this band - Doom Metal ... Death Metal ... or Power Metal? They're a little bit of all that metal has to offer. The vocals are mostly growled (Death), the riffs and general song structure reminds of Doom Metal, and the tempo and drumming is Modern Power Metal. And to top it off they add a layer of symphonic texturing (keyboards and orchestra) and the occasional odd twist and signature change.

Do I like it? Sure! But I'll have to listen a bit longer to find out if they can compete with the big names.
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Comment by Mike 12 years ago
Faith No - King For A Day - Fool For A Lifetime 1995
Eclectic Non-Prog Metal
Even after 10 years I still consider this to be one of my favorite albums of all times ... it's quite diverse, ranging from soft acoustic latin grooves to extremely aggressive metal, held together by Mike Patton's vocals and the outstanding guitar work of Trey Spruance.
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Comment by Mike - Silence of Another Kind 2006
Symphonic Prog Post Rock
This is my first Paatos album, and I like it. The music is not too complex, but quite symphonic. Dark Prog Rock, inspired by (but never crossing the border to) Alternative/Black Metal which Sweden is so famous for. The vocals are amazing, and the atmosphere is very credible.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Tool - 10,000 Days 2006
Technical Experimental Prog Metal
I love it! To me it seems like a good successor of Lateralus - some tracks are as ambitioned and abstract, others are less tense and and even a bit mellow, reminding of Aenima. I really like the epic of the album - tracks #3 and #4. They're really gloomy and sort of depressing - Maynard never explains the lyrics, but I'm sure they are mostly about his mother, but might also include other topics.

I think that I'll prefer this to Lateralus in the long run - somehow 10,000 Days feels more balanced to me, but it's really too early for a final verdict.
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Comment by Mike - Free 2006
Experimental Prog Post Metal/Electronic
I really like to listen to this album. I categorized it as
"Post Space Metal" - it's a combination of Kevin Moore's Post
Space Rock music (Chroma Key) and the modern Prog Metal
influence of Matheos. The album is very electronic, Mike
Portnoy had much less influence here than on the last disc.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - Drawing Circles 2006
Technical Prog Extreme Metal
A combination of Meshuggah and - a whole lot of other bands. There is a definitive presence of Aggro/Sludge/Hatecore, but it is counterbalanced with lengthy mellow sections, melodic parts, even some Avant-Garde. You're only going to like this if you can tolerate aggressive Metal, but if you do you're in for a treat. Musicianship is top notch, and it all seems very professional and precise - but never too mathematical, even in the complex parts which there are plenty of on this album.

A musical roller coaster ride - one of the highlights of this year so far!
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - Chasing the Form 2006
Minimalistic Experimental Prog Post Rock
I almost categorized this as Post Alternative Rock - but it's really not Alternative. There are traces of it, but all in all it's a very neutral album - pure music, abstract acoustic shapes and forms. The trio manages to create an amazing wall of sound - actually it's quite transparent too.

One of the best albums of the year so far!
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - Kaleidoscalp 2005
Instrumental Prog-Related Post Metal
This is a hilarious roller coaster ride ... there are some
really calm Buckethead albums, and then there are extremely
technical ones like this. It's a bit like Primus meets John
Zorn meets - Buckethead. It was released on Tzadik, John Zorn's
record label, and it fits nicely. Think of it like a much more
experimental, crazy and totally over the edge version of
Satriani's Engines of Creations, with a lot of zany mad-cap
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
The - Home 2006
Minimalistic Non-Prog Post Rock
As you can tell by the ratings - I really enjoyed listening to this wonderful album. The Gathering certainly have come a long way. Their last album Souvenirs was already not a metal album anymore, but at least to me it seemed a little bit torn between different styles. This album seems totally focused to me, except for the track Solace, which escapes me at the moment - but it's the first listen.

If you like melodic, calm Post Rock a la Sigur Rós with a little less melodic complexity but much more beautiful vocals, then this is for you!
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Vanden - Christ.O 2006
Symphonic Prog Metal
I really like it! Somehow I expected this album to be a little
more quirky, more different to the previous Vanden Plas albums.
In a way it is different, there are much more authentic
symphonic bits - not "just" keyboards. The band has been
working with a big orchestra for the last year, and you
certainly hear that influence. Having said that, these
influences are more dominant on the second half of the album,
and I hope they will continue in that direction on their next
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Sieges - A Sense of Change 1992
Technical Neo Prog Rock
OMG do I *hate* these vocals.

Now with that out of the way: It's a really nice album musically, very diverse and not really metal in the original sense of the word. There are lengthy passages which are dominated by acoustic guitars and/or slightly distorted electric guitars, the overall sound during the non-acoustic parts reminds me much of early Enchant, although this album is much more quirky and technical.

About the vocals: The singer is simply trying too much to be creative and experimental ... in this case less would definitely have been more.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - Monday Morning Apocalypse 2006
Non-Prog Metal
On this album Evergrey take a step back in terms of
progressiveness and technicality ... but they didn't change the
underlying style much. The music is dominated by the vocals and
chugging rhythm guitars, and the nice piano
interludes/intros/outros. The mood is not as gloomy as on The
Inner Circle, but still biased towards the sad and depressive
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - In Cod We Trust 2006
Free Form Experimental Non-Prog Post Electronic
I don't know what to make of this ... imagine a band as weird
as (later) Arcturus, only with all the metal influences
replaced by electronic music from Trip Hop to Rap. I really
like it, it's extremely well produced and all the weird parts
make sense musically. And the lyrics/song topics are quite
humorous, really fun to listen to.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Secret - Ten Silver Drops 2006
Non-Prog Rock
Not bad! I was expecting a little more though, after reading
about this album in some magazines which praised it as THE big
new Space Rock album of 2006. But I don't really think it's
Space Rock ... rather Experimental Alternative Rock with a lot
of spacey ambient elements which are more similar to Post Rock
bands like Sigur Ros than Space Rock.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink>
Greg - The Grip 2001
Instrumental Prog-Related Blues/Country
Greg Koch really put it over the top with this album. He has a
very unique style - a mix of country, rock, blues and (very
little) metal. He loves the telecaster/stratocaster +
Fender amp sound, and employs stunning tricks with the vibrato
bar, volume know etc. frequently. A bit like Jeff Beck, with a
really good feeling for melody and balance, but also great
humor and the occasional really odd parts.
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - Theli 1996
Orchestral Prog Power Metal
My apologies to all Therion fans out there - I don't mean to be rude. But there are so many albums out there that are simple one or two magnitudes better than this. Still, you have to give them some credits for being the first band to combine classical  music and metal ... theoretically Malmsteen was first by inventing neoclassical metal, but Therion go one step further and introduce operatic vocals, choirs and orchestral instrumentation (sparsely and simulated by keyboards/synthesizers, but it's there).
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage 1996
Neo Prog-Related Metal
This is a nice effort. A very solid album with some really good
songs, and some which seem a little bit forced - too much
technicality, too little songwriting substance. But it's not
totally over the edge like for example Power of Omens. Vocals
are above average, the singer has a pleasant voice with enough
variability to really transport the different moods of the
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Review by Mike 12 years ago <Permalink> - The Antidote 2005
Non-Prog Rock
Morcheeba come from the electronic/pop domain, and with this
album they show that they can also rock. All songs are firmly
rooted in rock, with quite some folk influences and the
occasional trippy electronic effects and loops/samples. And on
top of all that there are the magnificent female vocals - an
extraordinarily strong voice which reminds of the 60s
flower power bands.
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Comment by Mike - In Spite of Harry's Toenail 1971
Technical Prog Rock
Very interesting! I got interested in this band because I liked
the cover art of their other album (Lady Lake), so I bought
this one. Pretty weird stuff, but very well done. If you like
Van der Graaf Generator and RIO/Avant-Prog, you should
definitely give these guys a listen.
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Favorite LPs of 2017 - The Source
Prog Rock
Steven - To the Bone
Prog Pop
Foo - Concrete and Gold
Non-Prog Rock
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic
Retro Non-Prog Rock
Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos
Prog-Related Rock
Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley
Prog-Related Rock
1-20 of 2343  
Foo - Concrete and Gold 2017
 one month ago
Non-Prog Rock
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic 2017
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Steven - To the Bone 2017
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Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley 2017
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Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
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Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos 2017
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Prog-Related Rock - The Source 2017
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Prog Rock - The Source 2017
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Prog Rock
Dream - When Dream And Day Unite 1989
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Technical Experimental Prog Metal
Neal - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
 10 months ago
Prog Rock - Meliora 2015
 12 months ago
Prog-Related Metal
Neal - The Similitude of a Dream 2016
 12 months ago
Prog Rock
Blind - Imaginations from the Other Side 1995
 2 years ago
Heavy Prog-Related Power Metal
King - Red 1974
 2 years ago
English/British Experimental Prog Rock
Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary 2016
 2 years ago
Heavy Prog Metal
Fates - Theories Of Flight 2016
 2 years ago
Prog Metal
Cult of - Mariner (with Julie Christmas) 2016
 2 years ago
Atmospheric Prog Post Metal - Affinity 2016
 2 years ago
Eclectic Prog Metal
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