Marble Sheep Message From Oarfish 2007 Review by DamoXt7942

Psychedelic Prog Rock
From beginning to finish, loud, fuzzy guitar"s" sounds and thick, heavy drum"s" kicks run around and over our brain!

The longest first track Tears has remarkably exploded power with a lump of heavy, stoner, psychedelic rock kaleidoscope. Their force with enthusiasm can let us go wilder and mad. Their voices are not refined but enjoyable to move us into the psychedelia. And Rie's bass - hidden by the brilliant loud instruments - can absoutely keep the whole outfit steady. I feel all players should be not well-poilished but their muddy atmosphere can intensify the passion of sound to a high degree. The style reminds us the persistence of Shinki Chen's projects or stickily psychedelic loudness of Acid Mothers Temple. The members in this album are Ken, Zigen, Iwamotor, and Sawada (drums), Rie (bass), all of who are gone away to another world with their serious plays.

I consider this wonderful work should be one of the most important ones in not only Japanese but also worldwide psychedelic rock scene.