Love Live Life + One Love Will Make A Better You

Info about Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You
Artist Love Live Life + One
Year 1971
Release Date
1. Jan 1971
Studio Album
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Added by DamoXt7942 10 years ago
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9.0 x1
Psychedelic Prog
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Review by DamoXt7942 10 years ago <Permalink>
Psychedelic Prog
Honestly! I cannot help keeping my eyes and mouth open, touching this album by my ears.

LOVE LIVE LIFE, a Japanese psychedelic rock project, was a hotchpotch ensemble of talented rock musicians. Indeed you can imagine where this project should go as soon as you find the members, but, as I'm sure it's much important, this terribly terrific album could be produced not by LOVE LIVE LIFE, but by LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE. Namely, Akira FUSE the vocalist could activate this project more and more I wanna say. Basically Akira is one of famous pop singers in Japan - he can remind almost all of Japanese a beautiful & plaintive ballad "Cyclamen No Kaori (Flavour of a cyclamen)" in 1975 - and currently for us Japanese it's beyond all imagination he could shout in such a psychedelic project. As if Percy Faith play rock (sorry).

Joking aside, without any suspicion he was the lead-off man of this project, not only plus one. Listen from the beginning, and feel the first track The Question Mark by your skin. Akira's whisper "I'm a human being, I'm a human." can take us over our surrealistic pillow to another psychedelia. And here come aggressive battles between a dry & metallic guitar, a keen and crazy flute, and incoherent but strict drums. What can let them play not only ramblingly but steadily? I do suggest they should feel the air - by their eyes and their ears, and especially their mind, feeling. Call the air "the spiritual ... -> show full review
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