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Artist Jastreb
Year 2012
Studio Album
Play Time 36:42
Added by DamoXt7942 6 years ago
Importance Standard release
7.5 x1
Psychedelic Prog Krautrock
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Review by DamoXt7942 6 years ago <Permalink>
Psychedelic Prog Krautrock

Hailed from Zagreb (Croatia), JASTREB, a psychedelic / stoner / Krautrock obscurity, say they were founded as a destroyer agency against the earth in 13th century. Their eponymous album featuring a long jamming titled Yggdrasil has been released in the summer of 2012.

JASTREB, mystical troubadours hailing from 13th century (!), finally have discharged such a minimalistic, hypnotic, apocalyptic stoner nightmare just now. In this dark matter, the very beginning distorted noise sounds like the key bullet, that goes through our brain and shoots us away into their infernal space. Deep, insidious heavy riffs produced with soundgel by guitars, bass, and drums, can easily give us claustrophobia or something. No major key nor clear tone needed but superb minority and disastrous negative fantasy attack slowly and gradually but continually for completing our brain contusions.Yes step by step, their loud sounds and noises get louder and louder, whilst they get flooded with mind-altering maniacal status created by their own soundscape agents. Sounds like they fall into ruin suddenly at last. Why cannot we feel this 37-minute Yggdrasil fruity? Not long nor boring but enthusiastic, like a big tree.
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6 years ago
Psychedelic Prog Krautrock