Jack Dupon Démon Hardï 2010 Review by Mike

Eclectic Prog Rock
This album presented me with quite a challenge - it's kind of dark-ish, but not quite. I settled for a combination of playful and eerie, which makes for quite a team. Add to that the element of improvisation, the eclectic mix of styles, the exalted vocals on some of the tracks - excellent!
Review by avestin 8 years ago <Permalink>
I don’t remember how I first heard of Jack Dupon, a French four piece band consisting of Arnaud M'Doihoma (bass, vocals), Gregory Pozzoli (guitars, vocals), Thomas Larsen (drums, percussion, vocals)
and Philippe Prebet (guitars, vocals).

I bought their 2008 debut album, L'Echelle Du Désir, but was not too thrilled with it. It has nice ideas and it is theatrical, quirky and eccentric but I felt the songs were too meandering and lacked direction and focus. But I was still interested in seeing what they’ll do on their next album. And so I was happy to be given the opportunity to review it.

Well, I think that more than they have changed from the debut album, that I have changed and now perceive them a little differently. They do seem to be more focused this time around with their songs and even more intricate and creative, but they still maintain the same basic characteristics from the first album, which I’ll mention below.

But first let me make a point.

Jack Dupon’s music seems to me to fit much better a live setting. In fact, it would probably benefit from having some kind of theatrics associated with the music, some visualization attached to the music.

Their music is theatrical and veers from the dramatic to the silly or humorous side. This theatrical aspect of theirs is reminiscent of other French progressive bands such as Ange, Arachnoid, Mona Lisa, Etron Fou Leloublan and even the more current Sebkha Chott etc.

I don’t mean that Jack Dupon sounds like any these, rather that they share this characteristic of theatrics, of an ambition to add a visual side to their music. Jack Dupon’s music sounds much less serious than these, much more cheeky and upbeat, and not half as dark. One can also draw lines of similarity in sound to others such as Frank Zappa (on all songs) and even King Crimson ... -> show full review