Ion (United Kingdom, 2006-2010) (as seen by PowerWyrm)

Artist Ion
Country United Kingdom
User PowerWyrm
10.0 x2
Minimalistic Prog Post Rock
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Review by PowerWyrm 9 years ago <Permalink>
Ion - Immaculada 2010
Minimalistic Prog Post Rock
This is clearly the best album of 2010 for me. A lot of
classical instruments, angelic vocals, spoken parts, folkish
tunes... My rating: eleven out of ten!
Review by PowerWyrm 12 years ago <Permalink>
Ion - Madre, Protégenos 2006
Minimalistic Prog Rock
The new album from ex-Anathema member Duncan Patterson. People familiar with his work in Antimatter will love this album. It is very hard to describe the beautiful music recorded here... perhaps a mix of acoustic Antimatter and Talk Talk (last two albums). Mostly classical instruments are used (flute, clarinet, mandoline, viola, classical percussion, harp), and if most of the songs are sung in english, other languages are used (which I didn't recognize... maybe brazilian, spanish and greek). And the beautiful voice of Emily A Saaen overwhelms the album with emotion...

If there are albums that can't be missed, then this is one of them.
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