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Artist Ikihevonen
Year 2009
Studio Album
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Spacey Prog Rock
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Review by DamoXt7942 10 years ago <Permalink>
Psychedelic Prog Rock
Bravo to psychedelia in Finland!

IKIHEVONEN is a three-piece band, with a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer - they are graduates of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, very productive painters/artists, 2 Finns and 1 Swede, based in Helsinki. This eponymous album is their first and brilliant work, with full of their powerful ensemble!

From the beginning of " The Main Reactor ", you should be hard pressed with their machine gun sounds, with dry, violent and improvised drums and guitars. Their musical world is covered with fuzzy, lazy and crazy flavour and shaggy, druggie air. You cannot realize how you will be... Well just as getting to be a junkie, you must be absorbed deeply in the risky sounds. I feel their heavy and repetitive phrases can gradually drive you into the ground. And in the middle part some meaningless words are shouts from the hell, aren't they? I cannot help feeling so. They might show themselves as a huge and terrible nuclear reactor with this song. The scene has to change suddenly in the next " Psychedelic Chicken ". Gentle guitar solo and steady drumming once can make you relaxed - with foreboding dark atmosphere in it. Their play should get heavier and darker and drag your mind into psychedelia - exactly like a chicken, you'd be so weak! And as if a weak chicken is whipped again and again, heavily fuzzy riffs blow and shake our brain strongly. This middle part you can feel so impressed every time you listen to. It may be mysterious for you that even parts out of tune can be comfortable. Exactly a trap. A psychedelic trap it is! " Drowning ", as the name itself says, ... -> show full review