Heavy Water Experiments Heavy Water Experiments 2008 Review by Mike

Heavy Prog Rock
I really enjoyed listening to this album. The music reminds me a bit of Anekdoten, but the songwriting is more eclectic ... I guess it's the somewhat gloomy mood and dense texturing. It's also quite heavy, but not in a metal sense at all, but the often distorted bass and "crunchy" rhythm guitar and keyboards. I also really like the often layered vocals, which - in concert with the other instruments - often create very dense arrangements, which can be difficult to digest for the listener ... but on this album it works quite well.

If you're into interesting, thoughtful music with the desire to be different both in songwriting and instrumentation ... please check this out, it's really good stuff. The album is available at cdbaby.com and emusic.com, too ... check out the links next to the album name!