Genshi-Kyodotai (Primitive Community) Primitive Community 1971 Review by DamoXt7942

Prog Krautrock/Jazz
Another incredible creation in 1971.

Just like "Amalgamation" by Soundbreakers, GENSHI-KYODOTAI (PRIMITIVE COMMUNITY) have given the first loud / eccentric shout upon their eponymous album. As for me, cannot forget the moment I met and listen to this album for the first time. Not simply avant-garde jazz nor ethnic music, but definitely experimental psychedelia blended with avant-garde jazz and tribal percussion, they can be considered. And yes, let me say that they had completed such an unbelievable Neues for early 70s music scene, not only in Japan but also all over the world.

In 1944, Toshiaki YOKOTA was born in Tokyo. He'd played flute since his childhood while he appeared on stage as a professional flutist when he was 17. Through his own outfit Toshiaki Yokota & The Beat Generation or Kohsuke ICHIHARA's project Love Live Life (+1), he founded another twelve-piece ensemble named GENSHI-KYODOTAI (Primitive Community) in 1971 with Shunzo OHNO (trumpet), Kimio MIZUTANI (guitar), Kimio KOIZUMI (bass), Yusuke HOGUCHI (Hammond organ), Larry SUNAGA (percussion), Pedro UMEMURA (percussion), Tadaomi ANAI (percussion), Yoshinori NOHMI (percussion), Fujio SAITO (percussion), Minoru ISHIYAMA (percussion), and Chito KAWACHI (drums). "Primitive Community" (1971) was their only one album released via a Japanese major label Toshiba Ongaku Kogyo (at present EMI Music Japan). Toshiaki has played also in Takeshi Inomata & Sound L.T.D., and currently plays as a solo jazz flutist on stage all over the world, upon mass media, or so.

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