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2011-2015 Rock
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Eclectic Prog Rock
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Review by lukretio 8 years ago <Permalink>
Franck Carducci - Oddity 2011
Eclectic Prog Rock
Very impressive debut album, looking forward to the sequel!

"Oddity" is the debut album of multi-instrumentalist Franck Carducci. Franck is the lead voice on all songs of the album, and also plays all basses, acoustic and electric guitars and keys. The album features several guest musicians, most notably John Hackett, who contributes flute parts on the opening track, drummer and Phil Collins' disciple Phildas Bhakta, who also plays on the first track of the album, folk singer Yanne Matis who lends her beautiful voice to "The Eyes of Age" and to Genesis' cover "The Carpet Crawlers", and drummer Larry Crockett, who features on the bluesy "Alice's Eerie Dream".

"Oddity" contains 5 original songs and two bonus tracks, Genesis' "The Carpet Crawlers" and a radio edit of "Alice's Eerie Dream". The songs cover a variety of musical styles, from prog to blues rock to country and folk. Regardless of the particular style, all songs are skilfully executed and wonderfully composed ? they always keeps you interested and never drag. Surely, some of the music may sound somewhat derivative (Genesis and Pink Floyd are the most obvious classic influences to me, but also Spocks' Beard among the most recent prog outfits). However, and most importantly, all songs are great fun to listen to.

The opening "Achilles" and the closer "The Last Oddity" are probably the 'prog highlights' of the album. "Achilles" is a symphonic suite in six parts inspired by Omer's Iliad. The parts flow seamlessly one into another, and contains some great vocal melodies (Franck's voice is outstanding throughout the album) and excellent instrumental interludes (John Hackett's flute parts are particularly nice). "The Last Oddity" is a darker ... -> show full review
Comment by Mike 8 years ago
Franck Carducci - Oddity 2011
Eclectic Prog Rock
I really enjoyed listening to this album. It's a well balanced mix of styles, mostly laid back, with a few odd breaks and time signatures thrown in, but more often than not on the lighter side of things as far experimentation is concerned, but nevertheless with solid songwriting and progressive tendencies throughout.
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