Djamra Kamihitoe 2006 Review by DamoXt7942

Prog Jazz/Rock
Active, aggressive, avant-garde and after all aholish explosion they can give us!

Exactly their third work "Kamihitoe" is a wonderful chandelier united with their musical brilliancy. They can push strongly their rock flavour rather than jazzy one. Therefore Djamra's play is heavier and more aggressive than of another jazz-rock band. The first part or the last one of "Alha-Ha" has laidback sounds (and they can play naturally and with relaxed), with some avant-garde and eccentricity in the middle part. This musical offence should be their style I consider.

The song formed with their favourable essence (heavy, jazzy, funky, aggressive but serious and strict) is the first track "Kamihitoe" (in English "Close to the edge"?), their masterpiece. After the spacey opening, all instruments can attack us heavily...the sounds of a bass and drums & percussion are very steady, strict, and ease our mind. On the contrary, saxophone, keyboard, and guitar sounds are very aggressive, eccentric, and violent and rampant (great!). The latter ones can play much with improvised, over the strict rhythm section. In fact the point is that the improvised instruments cannot play wonderfully without the rhythm section, a steady basis.

And the song we can feel the bass ... -> show full review