Carmen Maki & OZ Tozasareta Machi 1976 Review by DamoXt7942

Prog-Related Blues
The heavy rock with bluesy voices.

From ' Introduction ' Hirofumi's guitar and Masafumi's keyboard solos are so bluesy that we cannot help foreseeing the next explosion. Yep, exactly ' The Day Before Eruption '! Maki's dark but aggressive voices can encourage us against the eruption or collapse of the town where we are. In this album, each song should be a part of one story titled " An Entombed Town ". In each part Maki can show a different appearance, that can make us enjoy well! ' A Clock Without A Pendulum ' is a quiet and plaintive song with soft voices, chorus and graceful sounds. Time to pass away, and cold dreams broken away - all are into her mind - with her singing sadly. ' The Firebird ' is more bluesy, depressive we can feel strongly. Certainly her FIRE of voices should be very impressive that we can be burned easily and ... -> show full review