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Tag Description
Acoustic using mainly acoustic instruments as opposed to electric instruments
Alternative special style/movement which began in the 1990s as an alternative to commercial rock music
Ambient largely void of beats or percussion, very calm
Artistic created or intended as a "work of art" rather than merely for providing entertainment.
Atmospheric using layers of synth sounds/effects to create the impression of "flying through the atmosphere", often found in styles like Space Rock or Post Rock/Metal
Atonal lacking tonal center or key and does not adhere to tonal hierarchies
Avant-Garde using a variety of unusual instruments, compositional techniques etc. (similar to "experimental")
Chamber using a small number of classical instruments - much less than an orchestra, usually string instruments
Classic part of the first wave of bands of the genre
Eclectic consisting of several different styles and influences, making it difficult to determine a main style/genre
Gothic containing elements of music from the gothic era
Groovy containing driving one-string riffs or percussive riffs with a solid rhythm section
Medieval containing medieval elements
Minimalistic using a very reduced approach - fewer notes, less instruments
Modern part of a wave of bands which emerges long after the first or second wave is gone ... celebrating the classic artist but also adding modern elements to the music
Neo part of the second wave of bands of the genre (revival)
Neo Classical Neo-Classical music is using elements from classical musics of many eras, creating some form of "pseudo-classical" music which doesn't use the complex form or structuring of classical music but focuses on scales, soloing, counter-point etc. instead.
Noisy containing much noise, static or distortion
Poetic music which is especially beautiful in a poetic sense
Post leaving the confinements of the original genre behind, usually by means of experimentation and/or abstract surrealism
Psychedelic having the vivid nature and bizarre patterns associated with psychedelic states (using psychedelic drugs)
Quirky containing unpredictable outbursts of experimentality/technicality while the overal nature of the music isn't experimental/technical
Retro like "Modern" this is also happening long after the first or second wave - attempting to re-create the classic sound without adding modern elements
Shred music dedicated to technical prowess, often focussed on one particular instruments like keyboards or guitar, often described as "flashy" by critics
Spacey using a lot of electronic effects and/or science fiction lyrics/topics
Stoner akin to psychedelic, but often slower and simpler, and analogous to the state of mind induced by drugs like marijuana
Symphonic using various approaches of classical music and/or featuring lush keyboards