Ayreon The Human Equation 2004 Review by Lofcaudio

Prog Metal
I am stunned. For whatever reason, I’ve heard very little about Ayreon and The Human Equation. I took a chance and recently purchased this because someone told me that I might like it. Well, I think it is outstanding. This album grabbed me in the very first listen (not always a good thing) and has continued to thrill my ears on subsequent listens (definitely a good thing).

Unlike a lot of listeners, I have a softspot for double album rock operas such as this. When I consider albums that I consider to be prog masterpieces: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis) and Snow (Spock’s Beard) are two albums that immediately come to mind. The Human Equation may be just as good (if not better) due to the amazing vocalists who all contribute to make this such a special listen.

Eric Clayton, Heather Findlay, Mikael Akerfeldt and Magnus Ekwall are the most noticeable in their performances, while the rest of the vocalists provide wonderful textures to this musical landscape. If I could change anything regarding the vocalists, I would have a little less LaBrie and a little more Clayton and Lucassen.

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Comment by Mike 13 years ago
Symphonic Prog Metal/Rock
What an amazing album! It's nearly perfect in every aspect. Compared to Into the Electric Castle it's a bit more polished and less experimental, but ItEC is not far behind. It's similarly to comparing Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory and Dream Theater - Images & Words ... I simply can't decide!