Ayreon 01011001 2008 Review by zitro

A subpar concept album about an immortal and technological advanced alien race hooked on machines deciding to plant their DNA in a comet creating humans. To their disappointment, the humans got hooked on machines and myspace.

The music is carefully crafted, but for some reason, I find the music dull, unoriginal, monotonous, and overlong. There are tons of talented musicians and vocalist trying to save this album, to no avail.
Age of Shadows 10:47
1010011010, oops, I accidentally wrote 666
Comatose 4:26
Poor songwriting in the vocal department.
Liquid Eternity 8:09
Ayreon woke up from his coma and wrote a surprisingly good song. Everything seems to work here and the motif during the instrumental part is fantastic.
Connect the Dots 4:12
Finger-lickin' good. Nah, not really
Beneath the Waves 8:26
Newborn Race 7:49
Ride the Comet 3:29
You are the future, you know what to .... do?
Web of Lies 2:50
"Dear stranger, I wanna marry you, by the way, who are you, I'm in love though I don't even know how you look, so I'm gonna stalk around the net to know you. mmm, stranger, he doesn't email me, I'm depressed and I'm making even worse rhymes"

"stranger: well, at least I know her name and she's smoking hot, so I want to date you, well, the plane ticket is $1000 but I'm dying for a date!!"

"we communicated but still, who are you, I'm in love, where's your myspace?"
The Fifth Extinction 10:29
Waking Dreams 6:31
Flower King to the rescue! I really like the instrumental section here
The Truth Is in Here 5:12
Unnatural Selection 7:15
River of Time 4:24
E=mc^2 5:50
The ultimate geek tune, so let's break the equation: E equals M C squared !!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooo, and the electric guitar performs nuclear fusion! Actually, this is a guilty pleasure of mine.
The Sixth Extinction 12:18
I like this!!
Comment by PowerWyrm
Symphonic Prog Metal
This album is a strong follow up to The Human Equation. Very well produced with vocalists and musicians giving the best of them. It has its good moments (I could even say it has his great moments... some of the songs here are unbelievable) and also its cheezy parts like its predecessor.
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Comment by Mike 11 years ago
Symphonic Prog Metal/Rock
I think this is Mr. Lucassen's best work so far. Production, musicians and especially the vocalists are nearly perfect, but what makes this album so unique and interesting is how it connects the previous albums ... they all become part of one largely consistent story (with the exception of Actual Fantasy of course). But not only the lyrics reference the previous albums, the songs are also re-visited and cunningly interwoven with new ideas. Pure brilliance!