Anima Mundi I Me Myself

Info about Anima Mundi - I Me Myself
Artist Anima Mundi
Year 2016
Release Date
28. Apr 2016
Studio Album
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Added by DAVAST 3 years ago
Importance Key album
9.2 x3
Symphonic Technical Prog Rock
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Comment by O666 3 years ago
Symphonic Technical Prog Rock
Perfect Composing , Complex Arrangement , Great Technical Musicianship , Beautiful Emotional soft parts , ...
Unexpected album for me because of "bigger number and better quality" of Vocal parts in compare with their previous albums. Their Music (in this album) crossing over classic Symphonic Prog and Eclectic Prog perfectly. All parts of album are balanced between technical and Emotional music. They show their abilities clearly without using "very fast" or "noisy" instruments sounding and playing. You can listen to this technical and complex music easily! and enjoy so much. 9.5/10 rate In My Opinion. Highly recommend to all of Progressive Rock music fans! Try it.
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