Agalloch Pale Folklore

Info about Agalloch - Pale Folklore
Artist Agalloch
Year 1999
Studio Album
Play Time 1:02:10
Added by Mike 13 years ago
Importance Major release
8.8 x8
Experimental Prog-Related Post Rock/Extreme Metal
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Comment by PowerWyrm 5 years ago
Prog Post Extreme Metal
I've completely overlooked this album when I discovered the band, probably because I started with Dead Winter Days and hated the harsh vocals. But the rest of this album is marvelous, and I'm glad I fixed the mistake...
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Review by ivansfr0st 13 years ago <Permalink>
Agalloch's first full-length album Pale Folklore , often underlooked even by the band's most hardcore followers, is more than just an outstanding debut. Utilizing influences from various sources, from 80's Gothic Rock to Ethnic Folk music, from Italian 70's Symphonic Prog to Norwegian 90's Black Metal's scene, and much much more, Agalloch managed to create a unique, extraordinary style of their own, achieving something nobody had achieved before. Opeth are famous(well, in our circles anyway)for combining two parts - mellow and heavy - to create a very special sound. Agalloch , whose influences were as diverse as Opeth's , from the fusion of all elements gained one sound that is very easy to recognise if you have experienced this amazing band.

The album starts with the atmospheric She Painted Fire Across The Skyline , consisting of three parts. The first part starts out slow and maybe a little repetitive, but sets the vibe of the album very well. Although Pale Folklore is more often dynamic, the mood of the album is melancholic from the beginning until the end. The melodic riff that starts at about 3:00 gives me chills everytime I hear it, it is also done again in the end of the third part of the epic track. I'm not sure which part is my favourite: I would tell this about the third part, but, unfotunately, it is ruined by the spoken vocals just before the 1:00 mark, which sounds out of place and, fortunately, is the only thing you can blame this masterpiece for, which doesn't make it any worse than it is, really. The forth track is an instrumental, in fact the only one on this record, and doesn't follow the pace of the whole work - it is gentle and nice, with piano's and flutes, a very sad instrumental indeed. I'm not ... -> show full review
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